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Austrian, German Police Arrest Foreign Muslims Planning Terror Attacks On Christmas Targets: Report

  Law enforcement officials in   Germany   and Austria arrested multiple suspected Islamic terrorists this week who were allegedly planning ...

 Law enforcement officials in Germany and Austria arrested multiple suspected Islamic terrorists this week who were allegedly planning terrorist attacks on Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

The report from the German publication Bild said that several suspects were arrested in the Ottakring district of Vienna and that another was arrested in Saarland, Germany.

The report said that the suspected terrorists were Tajiks who were connected to the Islamic State in Khorasan Province, also known as ISIS-K.

Police in Vienna said that there was an “increased terror alert level” as Islamic terrorists “across Europe are calling for attacks on Christian events – especially around December 24th.”

“The security authorities have increased the corresponding protective measures in public spaces in Vienna and the federal states,” the police added, noting that they would be increasing their presence and at religious events to deter any attacks.

In Vienna, St. Stephen’s Cathedral was at high risk for an attack while German officials were so concerned about an attack at Cologne Cathedral, they swept the building looking for explosives.


The Cologne Police said that they were taking “special protective measures” to prevent Islamic terrorist attacks, but they did not disclose details about what they were going to do so that terrorists could not adjust any plans they may have.

“We will take everything into account this evening to ensure the safety of cathedral visitors on Christmas Eve,” said Chief of Cologne Police, Michael Esser. “In coordination with the security officer of the cathedral chapter, the cathedral is searched with sniffer dogs after the evening mass and then locked. Tomorrow all visitors will be screened before entering the church.”

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