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White men suddenly being featured in ads for “woke” U.S. military now that Israel needs more non-Jewish blood to fight its ethnic war in Gaza

  Clown-world USA strikes again, this time with the "woke" United States military  releasing new cringeworthy ads featuring  white...

 Clown-world USA strikes again, this time with the "woke" United States military releasing new cringeworthy ads featuring white men that clearly aim to lure and funnel the next, and probably last, generation of white guys in this God-forsaken country to fight Israel's latest genocidal war in Gaza.

After years, and years, and years of releasing ads featuring primarily black and brown women, transgenders, "furries," and whatever other non-white beings they could find as the future of the new "diverse" U.S. military, suddenly the U.S. Army is targeting white men once again – and right on schedule as Israel whines about its "existence."

Check out the following "Be All You Can Be" video from the Army, which even features a parachute just like the alleged paragliders who descended into Israel on October 7 and somehow outsmarted the most advanced police state on earth for a full seven hours before Israel Defense Forces (IDF) finally took action:


NOBODY wants to fight Israel's genocidal war, ESPECIALLY white guys

The above video received a resounding hell no from the internet, with not so much as one single post – that this writer could find, anyway – supporting the Army's obvious agenda to once again use American white men to advance "Greater Israel."

"Not this generation, Moshe," one wrote. "You're not getting my sons like you got my father and I before. Have fun with the Diversity Squad."

Another clever X user wrote that, now that our "greatest ally" once again needs non-Jewish bodies to feed into the woodchipper, there is suddenly "no time for diversity" in the U.S. military.

"There are no women in this advertisement," commented another. "Why is that, @USArmy?"

Someone else wrote that instead of fighting Israel's wars, American men and really all Americans who care would do much better by protecting the southern border from the relentless invasion taking place.

"I really wanted to reenlist, but I don't see any Latinx females in wheelchairs," joked another. "Not sure where I would fit in."

"You recruited and promoted obese troons," said another. "They can fight your war for Israel."

On and on and on these types of comments go for quite some time, illustrating the disconnect between the military-industrial complex and the average able-bodied American who wants absolutely nothing to do with fighting any kind of war, especially for Israel.

"I'm not f***ing dying for Israel," wrote another, straight to the point.

"White men in an army commercial instead of obese they / thems telling their story how the army helps them live their life as a poly cat family? You must be looking for bullet catchers to fight another BS sand war. Too late, pass," said someone else.

The new ad was released not even 24 hours after it was announced that the U.S. Army has successfully renamed all of its military bases that were named after Confederate generals, all to advance its "Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity" (DIE) agenda.

"Even those currently in the military should refuse to participate," said someone about how everyone needs to just say no to fighting more wars on behalf of Israel. "Damn the consequences."

"At least they will be alive. And, if the Feds try to execute them, well then there should be no holds barred."

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