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WATCH: Brave Female Pool Player Elects to FORFEIT Final Match Rather than Face Trans Opponent as Crowd Erupts in Applause and Cheers

  Credit: Reduxx Denbighshire, Wales – A female pool player took a bold stand for integrity and fair play after electing to forfeit her fina...


Credit: Reduxx

Denbighshire, Wales – A female pool player took a bold stand for integrity and fair play after electing to forfeit her final against a biological male opponent. In an arguably more surprising twist, the Welsh crowd expressed their approval in a place not exactly known for conservatism and political incorrectness.

As Fox News reported, Lynne Pinches was supposed to face off against Chris “Harriet” Haynes in the final of the Women’s Champion of Champions in Denbighshire, Wales on Sunday. But she decided to walk away before the first ball had been struck instead.

Video captured from Reduxx Magazine shows Pinches going to the table where both players take lag shots to determine who would break in the first frame right before Haynes goes to sit down.

Then things take a turn. Pinches goes to the referee to inform them of her decision to quit the match rather than face her male opponent.

Pinches then walks back to her seating and packs up her belongings before exiting the arena to applause from the crowd and cheers of “yes, Lynne!.”



As the Daily Mail notes, Haynes appeared shocked by Pinches’ stand and the crowd’s reaction.

Pinches’ brother Barry went on social media to praise his sister’s audacious stance and voiced his warranted view that it was unfair for her to have to face off against a man.

Full credit and great respect to my sister Lynne Pinches yesterday for taking a stand and not playing in the biggest match of her pool playing life because she feels it’s so unfair to have to compete against a trans woman.

I completely agree with her view that it is totally unfair to expect women to compete against trans women in pool or any other sport for that matter.

Pinches’ son Tommy revealed his mom was in tears after forfeiting but was proud of her decision to put professional integrity ahead of potential glory.

Had my mum in tears a couple of weeks ago because of Ultimate Pool going back on what they said they was going to do at the end of the year with this current situation.

I know how much getting to this final means and to just concede and forfeit the title trophy prize money would not have been easy for her to do!

Stood up for what you believe in and your semi-final was your final in my honest opinion so well done on a fantastic weekend.

Despite forfeiting the final, Pinches did stay on site to pose with her runner-up trophy.

Credit: The Daily mail

Here is the photo of the undeserving “winner” of the Women’s Champion of Champions posing for the trophy.

Credit: Daily Mail

If the female athletes across the globe are willing to take the same bold stand as Pinches, woke sports leagues will have to stop placing men in female events unless they desire to go broke instead. But maybe that is exactly what they deserve.

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