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WATCH: Alex Jones and Condemned USA Founder Trennis Evans Expose Deep State J6 Inside Job: DOJ Tortures J6 Political Prisoners After They Appear on His Show

  Infowars host Alex Joins and Trennis Evans, January 6 defendant and founder of the legal advocacy organization  Condemned USA , recently d...


Infowars host Alex Joins and Trennis Evans, January 6 defendant and founder of the legal advocacy organization Condemned USA, recently discussed how the DOJ and federal judiciary are railroading January defendants in kangaroo court and torturing the political prisoners in prison for daring to expose the abuses they endured while incarcerated.

As Evans detailed a litany of Brady violations the government committed during the Proud Boys trial, Jones revealed he is reluctant to air interviews with the political prisoners when the Justice Department tunes into his broadcasts and severely penalizes them each time they appear on his broadcast.

The DOJ tortured “the hell out” of J6 political hostage Joseph Biggs “for a month and a half” the last time he appeared on Infowars, Jones explained, adding he avoids discussing his co-host Owen Shroyer’s case while he’s incarcerated.

“Understand, sometimes, folks, when I’m not telling you something or doing something, it’s because I have to follow other people’s wishes, despite the fact I don’t like it,” he said. “But this time.. I’m not gonna tell people what’s going on with Owen, since that’s his wish …I get it, he’s in their control. He’s literally kidnapped by them.”


“Trennis Evans, other than the Gateway Pundit, is giving the most attention to it. They’ve really run circles around us, I’m glad they’re there,” he said. ” A lot of listeners criticized me during the last few years and said, ‘Why aren’t you having them on? Why aren’t you talking about it?’ Because when we have them on, they would then go put them in solitary confinement at 55 degrees in their underwear and torture them. They did a bunch of bad stuff to Owen. And see I’m already slipping up here…they torture them when you talk about them.”

Jones blasted the Justice Department for outright lying to Judge Kelly, claiming Shroyer was not an employee with Infowars despite the War Room broadcast he hosts on the network upward of three hours daily for the past seven years, Jones explained.

“The judge believed them. And they said, ‘Your Honor, he doesn’t work there. He’s a liar. We recommend charges as this is perjury. He’s never been an associate with Infowars. He’s not a talk show host now.’ That’s like saying the sun didn’t come up this morning, and as a listener, you’re like really insulted by that,” he said. “These people are beyond criminal. They know the truth. And they’re literally lying to the world and the judge knows it’s a lie. How do you stack shit this high?

“If you think I’m being screwed, or Trump’s being screwed, they want to screw all of you the same way. And they’ve somehow gotten most of the judges and most of the feds to literally just go along with it.”

“Just imagine the nerve, the balls, in multiple federal filings to say Owen never worked here, ‘He’s perjuring himself.’ I’m surprised the judge didn’t give him 10 years for perjury…You all know he’s been a host. Doesn’t matter to them because they’re there to murder the truth. These are crazy people.”

Judge Kelly scolded Shroyer during his sentencing hearing for being unremorseful for protesting election fraud and continuing to insist the election was stolen on his show.

“That judge looked at it all and he said, ‘You go to prison boy, you still aren’t sad for what you said, he said he is unremorseful.’ 

Evans’s organization Condenmed USA assists J6 defendants with finding adequate legal representation. He currently serves a sentence for protesting in the Capitol building on the weekends, he turns himself on every Friday and is released every Monday.

The Condemned USA founder described his first confrontation with the FBI on January 17, 2021, for his role in the Capitol riot before the feds would raid his home on March 4.

“I’m in full cooperation with law enforcement. I didn’t do anything other than go into the building — no vandalism, nothing. As a matter of fact, the police shook my hand and thanked me for what I was doing inside and I have that on video as well.I was speaking out for no violence, no harm, no destruction of property,” he said. “Through that process, my attorney was in contact with the FBI numerous times. When the FBI finally responded it was with a SWAT raid from the Joint Terrorism Task Force on March 4, to which you saw my 13-year-old son with his hands up as he was attempting to leave for school that day.

The FBI conspicuously raids the homes of its targets during special occasions like funerals, birthdays and anniversaries, Evans and Jones noted.

“It was odd the dates that they chose after months,” he said. “That was the day that we were supposed to identify my father-in-law’s body at a funeral home viewing …with a funeral looming that weekend. This is a constant phenomenon and an absolute odd coincidence that has happened to so many people [for] January 6, ‘They came on grandma’s birthday,’ ‘They came on the anniversary for mom and dad,’ ‘They came on a family’s anniversary party,’ ‘They came on the child’s birthday.’

‘It was part of what they told you they were going to do. It was the shock and awe,’ Jones added.

The DOJ is fabricating the events of January 6 to justify the predawn raids, over-prosecuting, over-sentencing and torturing so-called “terrorists,” Evans warned.

“I asked them specifically that day, and I’ve tried to FOIA this for some time, ‘Why are you doing this if you said you were going to talk to my attorney?’ I was willing to turn myself in. Why is the Terrorism Task Force on my front porch? And they said were here because. ‘One of your guys beat one of our guys to death with a fire extinguisher’ — that was an outright lie.”

“This is why our fight is in the courts, and it’s in Congress. And it is a slow and painful fight to do it this way, but it is the way that we must do this. So when we say, ‘Fight,’ just like when President Trump said it on January 6, we mean we’re going to fight with everything we got in our courts, in our Congress. We’re going to use the Constitution, we’re going to take back all the little offices and the big offices, and everything else. And we’re going to out and expose these people. ”

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