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Virginia Students Walk Out In Protest Over Trans Bathroom Policy

  A group of students in   Virginia   walked out of school on Wednesday in protest of the district’s transgender bathroom policy, demanding ...

 A group of students in Virginia walked out of school on Wednesday in protest of the district’s transgender bathroom policy, demanding male and female only spaces.

Nearly 100 students at Woodgrove High School in Purcellville in Loudoun county made their protest to the transgender policy, called 8040, calling on the district to reverse its decision because it’s a “massive safety risk,” an “invasion of privacy,” and more, the Daily Mail reported. In June 2021, the school district made headlines after it publicly denied a girl was assaulted by a boy in the girl’s bathroom and the father of the girl who was assaulted became angry. In August 2021, the board then passed the trans policy that states that those trans-identifying students can use the locker rooms and bathrooms of their choice.

“It’s a massive safety risk, and they [LCPS] don’t do anything about it,” one female student told WJLA 7News.

She said the students were tired of being “ignored” by the school district.

“We express these concerns and they ignore us and write us off as Right-wing crazies,” the female student added. “We’re not crazy. We just don’t want to be in danger on a daily basis in this building. I think it’s people finally stepping up and just being sick of it. We’re sick of being here and just being completely ignored.”

The same student told the outlet that she’s completely stopped using the bathrooms at school out of fear — and said she’s not the only one.

“I stopped using them [the bathrooms] because I don’t know what’s going to happen to me in there,” the student said. “I’m telling you right now half the women in this building feel the same way. We don’t use the bathrooms. We hold our pee until we can’t. I mean, there are girls in PE who still get changed in the bathroom stalls in there because they’re afraid of who might waltz in.”

A male student said he didn’t want to share a locker room with a biological female.


“I would like to be able when I get off football practice and go put my pads away and change not feel uncomfortable with other genders in there watching me,” the male student said. “I feel that girls feel the same way about the situation. How would you feel if you were a female changing with a male?”

Another male student said it was an “invasion of his privacy “to deal with a female in the locker room.

“In the locker rooms in the morning it’s an invasion of privacy, as I said because when men and natural-born males are in our locker rooms and they are showering in the morning, natural-born females can walk in there as they please,” he added. “And that is not OK. And it goes against what we believe in.”

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