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Ready for another DRAFT? New GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson says U.S. “boots on the ground” may be necessary for America to “stand with Israel”

  Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.), the newest puppet of Israel, has been installed as America's new Speaker of the House. And his fake-polishe...

 Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.), the newest puppet of Israel, has been installed as America's new Speaker of the House. And his fake-polished, syrupy-sweet southern sweet talk to Fox News' Sean Hannity this week suggests that there could soon very be a draft imposed in the United States to send America's young people to an early grave for Israel.

After finishing up spewing all the usual rhetoric about how Russian President Vladimir Putin must be stopped from prevailing in Ukraine because then China will attack Taiwan, Johnson proceeded to call for limitless and unconditional support for Israel.

"We are not going to abandon them – to be cooperative we need to work together on this," Johnson said about continued U.S. aid for Volodymyr Zelensky. "We owe it to the people to know what the plan is, where the money is going to be spent, and we need the auditing for the dollars that we have already sent over there – these are not tough questions, right?"

"One thing that House Republicans are resolved on is that we must stand with our most important ally in the Middle East, and that's Israel."


House Speaker Mike Johnson, Sean Hannity and most American politicians are Israel-firsters pretending to support Americans

Whatever happens next will depend on how successful Israel is in committing mass genocide against Gaza and the West Bank. If all goes as planned for Israel, then the U.S. will simply cheer from afar – or at least its puppets, Israel-first politicians like Johnson will do that.

If the ethnic cleansing operation fails, then Johnson foresees drafting American children to be sent into the incinerator for Israel, a position that seems to also be supported by Hannity.

"We certainly hope that it doesn't come to boots on the ground," Johnson told Hannity with that quintessentially artificial southerly "duper's delight" smile.

"If it comes to that – and we've communicated this to the White House staff today that we have the Article 1 power in the legislative branch of government, and they have Article 2 – they have very limited authority on what they can do to respond without coming to Congress to seek consent. And even my Democrat colleagues, Sean, the committees and jurisdiction understand this, and the Foreign Affairs Committee."

Should Iran get involved, which it has promised to do, then Hannity and Johnson both agree that the Middle East will soon see "a full-on war ... with Israel at the center of it."

"If Israel's existence is put in jeopardy, I don't think Prime Minister Netanyahu, who I've known for almost 30 years, I don't think there's anything he won't do to preserve and protect his country from people that have committed their lives to destroy it," Hannity said, namedropping Netanyahu for pro-Israel points.

"They have an existential threat every day," Johnson responded, also namedropping Netanyahu as his longtime buddy.

"America will back him up. They tell us, they say, 'The reason that we are able to sustain ourselves and survive is because everyone knows that our big ally is America ... The House is back in business and we are going to stand with Israel."

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