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New Jersey School District Partnered With Sex-Ed Group That Provides Kits With ‘Tucking’ Underwear, Chest Binders

  A school district in  New Jersey  partnered with a sex education group that has offered to provide schools with so-called “gender-affirmin...

 A school district in New Jersey partnered with a sex education group that has offered to provide schools with so-called “gender-affirming” kits that include “tucking underwear,” chest binders, and devices allowing girls to pee standing up.

New documents and videos obtained by Parents Defending Education (PDE) and first shared with The Daily Wire, show evidence of the Princeton Public School (PPS) district’s partnership with HiTOPS, a leftist sex education nonprofit. The partnership, which the district has previously said it would reconsider, was first revealed by Project Veritas back in September.

HiTOPS, based in Princeton, describes itself as an organization dedicated to “inclusive and youth-informed sex education and LGBTQ+ support for young people throughout New Jersey.”

Correspondence obtained by PDE show HiTOPS sending lesson plans and promotional flyers to PPS. One of the flyers sent to PPS from HiTOPS was promoting a “gender affirming kit.” The kit included things like chest binders, “packing” tape, “tucking” underwear, “packers,” “chest forms,” and “stand to pee” devices.

“The HiTOPS Gender Affirming Kit is a groundbreaking resource designed to support transgender, nonbinary, and gender expansive students while promoting inclusivity within your school community. The Kit is a comprehensive package that equips administrators, teachers, school counselors, and nurses with the knowledge and tools they need to empower students on their gender journey,” the flyer said.

The Daily Wire asked PPS if it had sourced any “gender affirming” kits from HiTOPS.

In one teacher manual sent to PPS and designed for students in 6th through 8th grade, teachers are encouraged to explain “how a baby’s sex is determined at birth and how it may/may not relate to a person’s inside identity” and to instruct students about gender identity.

Teachers are also directed to teach students to use preferred pronouns and how to be “affirming” of different gender identities. In a second lesson plan, teachers are told to tell students that everyone “here has a sexual orientation, a gender identity, and a way they express that gender.”

The Daily Wire asked PPS about the extent to which the manuals were used in classes throughout the district.

“These trainings are a child safe-guarding nightmare — not only do they tell teachers to ask for the gender pronouns of every student, but they also instruct teachers to ask students how they want to be referred to in front of their parents. It is an explicit invitation to keep secrets from parents,” Erika Sanzi, director of outreach at PDE, said in a statement to The Daily Wire.

“The lessons also teach children that sex is assigned at birth and that even though some people claim there are only two genders, there are actually many genders. 6th graders are expected to name three sexual orientations and three gender identities — can they name three former presidents or three countries in Africa? This is cult-like content, and it has no place in a school,” Sanzi added.


Other resources obtained by PDE show packets sent to the PPS packed with definitions of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. PDE also obtained a 90-minute Zoom call between HiTOPS educators, teachers, and parents where HiTOPS director Stacy Robustelli outlined the group’s approach.

One example book meant for young children she read said that there were more than two genders. “Some people say there are only two genders, But there are really many genders,” Robustelli read from the book.

In another clip from the Zoom meeting, Robustelli said that teachers needed to develop parameters for pronoun use, including whether they used “preferred pronouns” in front of parents or guardians.

On its website, HiTOPS, which promotes transgender ideology through a number of various initiatives, also lists several Planned Parenthood locations throughout New Jersey as “health care resources.”

PPS Superintendent Carol Kelly previously said that the district’s partnership with HiTOPS was done in part to comply with New Jersey’s LGBT inclusion and diversity law.

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