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New Jersey Joins Growing List Of States Banning Sale Of New Gas-Powered Cars

  New Jersey officials announced Tuesday that the state would be joining a growing list of Democrat-led states slated to ban the sale of new...

 New Jersey officials announced Tuesday that the state would be joining a growing list of Democrat-led states slated to ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

New Jersey becomes at least the 17th state to follow some or all of California’s Advanced Clean Cars II rule that was passed by a regulatory board in the summer of 2022. Democratic Governor Phil Murphy said the move will help “lower emissions and improve air quality,” claiming that the new rule will also “preserve consumer choice.” 

“The steps we take today to lower emissions will improve air quality and mitigate climate impacts for generations to come, all while increasing access to cleaner car choices,” Murphy said in a press release. “Indeed, together with my Administration’s continuing investments in voluntary electric vehicle incentives, charging infrastructure, and the green economy, these new standards will preserve consumer choice and promote affordability for hardworking New Jerseyans across the state.”

The Garden State joins California, Vermont, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Virginia, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Connecticut in committing to implement the complete ban on new gas-powered vehicles, The Hill reported. The ban will not affect gas-powered vehicles already owned or the sale of used gas-powered vehicles. 

Murphy’s decision was hailed by fellow Democrats, including Rep. Frank Pallone Jr., who said the ban would help fight the “climate crisis.” 


“This rule will reduce climate pollution while also saving New Jerseyans money at the pump and spurring investments in building clean cars right here at home,” Pallone Jr. added. “Paired with the investments in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, New Jersey’s action will accelerate the process of transforming our transportation sector for the benefit of public health and the environment.”

Not everyone was pleased with the state’s adoption of the gas-powered vehicle ban, however. 

“Automotive retailers, which have already invested billions in electric vehicles … warned that a heavy-handed mandate will not work for the dealers — especially with unsold EVs piling up on lots all around the country,” said Ray Cantor of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, which has lobbied against the rule. 


The push for electric vehicles has also been strongly supported by the Biden administration even as manufacturers such as Ford have lost money on their EV production. Ford received a $9.2 billion loan from the Biden administration intended to help construct three electric vehicle battery plants in the U.S. The Motor company said in July that it expected to lose $4.5 billion from its EVs this year. 

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