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Nashville Police Place Seven Officers On ‘Administrative Assignment’ After Leak Of Covenant Shooter’s Manifesto Pages

  The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) placed seven individuals on “administrative assignment” as the department investigates...

 The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) placed seven individuals on “administrative assignment” as the department investigates the leaked three pages from the Covenant School shooter’s writings.

The seven individuals are placed on “non-punitive” assignment to “protect the integrity” of the investigation launched by the department Monday, the MNPD confirmed Wednesday to the Daily Caller. The MNPD opened the investigation to determine how the three pages of Audrey Hale’s manifesto were leaked to conservative media personality, Steven Crowder.

“Seven individuals are on administrative assignment (absolutely non-punitive) to protect the integrity of the active, progressing investigation. All seven have full police power,” an MNPD spokesperson said in a statement obtained by the Daily Caller. “We are not identifying any of the seven by name. Not fair to them.”

Crowder released the three pages during a Monday episode of his popular show, “Louder with Crowder,” and posted images to his Twitter account. The first page, titled “DEATH DAY,” detailed Hale’s alleged plan to create a “high death count” inside the school, and the next page disclosed her alleged plan to specifically kill the white children for their “white privilege.”

“Kill those kids! Those crackers,” the second page posted by Crowder reads. “Going to private fancy schools with those fancy kwakis [sic] + sports backpacks with their daddies [sic] mustangs + convertibles. Fuck you little shits. I wish to shoot you[r] weak ass dicks w/your mop yellow hair, wanna kill all you little crackers!!! Bunch of little faggots w/your white privileges. Fuck you faggots.”

Nashville Chief of Police John Drake confirmed the authenticity of the manifesto pages released by Crowder late Monday after the MNPD could not initially verify whether they were real. In the same statement, Drake announced the investigation into “the person responsible” for the leak.

The March 27 shooting at Covenant School left six people dead, three of them being elementary school-aged students. Nashville police officer Rex Engelbert fatally shot Hale on the second floor of the building as she continued to open fire.

Officials previously said they obtained a manifesto written by Hale after the shooting and handed it over to the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) for further evaluation. Drake said the writings are in the possession of the Davidson County Chancery Court and the Tennessee Court of Appeals and that they cannot release them until the courts rule on the matter.

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