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Maine Governor Mills Is Protecting Big Pharma’s Billion Dollar Psychiatric Drug Industry in Investigation Into Mass Murderer Robert Card

  The Governor of Maine, Janet Mills, has selected several very interesting “experts” to find out what caused Robert Card to shoot and kill ...


The Governor of Maine, Janet Mills, has selected several very interesting “experts” to find out what caused Robert Card to shoot and kill several members of the community in Lewiston Maine.

We know Robert Card was a mental health patient of the US military, through Keller Hospital, and also the private psychiatric hospital Four Winds in Katonah, New York.  AbleChild has already covered Psychiatrist Dr. Ng. 


Now, let’s look at Dr. Debra Baeder.

Dr. Debra Baeder, Ph.D – Certified in forensic psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology, Baedar served as Chief Forensic Psychologist for the State Forensic Service in Maine and then as the Director of Clinical Services for the Maine Office of Behavioral Health for 23 years.

Dr. Bader appears to be an “expert” in Assessment Risk for Violence in Juveniles. She even offers a course where, apparently, one can learn about “Risk Assessments.”

Again, there is zero science behind these questionnaires, checklists, and assessments.  The federal government has invested billions of US taxpayers’ money into psychiatry and its bags of subjective criteria.

We know from the history of Card he was identified as a risk and we have been told that assessments were done; however, the public has not been provided with the paperwork to really understand who, when, and where these evaluations took place.

Remember, Henderson Behavioral Health in Florida treated Nikolas Cruz on and off for years and provided the youth cocktails of psychiatric drugs – these cocktails of psychiatric drugs have never been tested or approved by the FDA.

[Cruz killed 17 students and faculty members in Florida on Valentine’s Day in 2018 and injured another 17 students in the deadliest high school shooting in US history.]

The State of Florida vendor, Henderson Behavioral Health, did do a “risk assessment” on Cruz.  In fact, Henderson said he wasn’t a harm to himself or others.

The Florida appeals court ruled against the Parkland parents on May 27, 2020 (reference Miami Herald, article 243027576).  “At one point, counselors from Henderson Behavioral Health advised police that Cruz was not a risk to harm himself or anyone else.”

NBC South Florida reported the Florida Court Mental Health Provider Not Liable in Parkland School on May 27, 2020.  An appeals court has ruled “A mental health provider cannot be held liable.”

The Hill reported, Florida Court Finds Mental Health Facility Not Liable in Parkland Massacre” by Alexandra Kelley “Changing America” On Wednesday, the 4th district court of appeal concurred with the lower courts previous ruling and determined that Henderson could not be held liable for the shooting and was not negligent in failing to prevent Cruz’s mainstreaming or reporting his dangerous propensities.”

The Judge reportedly wrote that “although there may be a special relationship between Henderson and Cruz and separately between the high school and its students there is not special relationship between a student patient’s mental health provider and other students, who attend school with the patients.”

The judge further ruled that Henderson did owe a legal duty to the school to disclose patient details, it would undermine the doctor-patient confidentiality relationship and potentially disincentivize mental health professionals from treating students.”

Wow.  Interestingly enough, the Governor of Maine appoints a “risk assessment expert” to find the facts while the public has no legal recourse to hold the behavioral health vendors responsible for the subjective treatments and cocktail of drugs they are providing to the patients.  The treatment records of a mass murderer are withheld because it would undermine the doctor-patient confidentially relationship and potentially disincentivize mental health professionals from treating students.

The public has a right to this information and without it, the Governor’s commission is just another in a long line of useless efforts to get to the bottom of what causes these mass shootings.

The benefits of protecting the billion-dollar behavioral health and mental health industry outweigh the risk that society is suffering.

Governor Mill’s fact finders will meet on Monday to start their investigation to solve the deadly mass murders that took innocent lives and wrecked the lives of those who loved them.

Long ago, it was a police department with detectives that solved crimes, not political appointed committees that are tied to law firms that defend Big Pharma and Mental Health and Behavioral Health providers that always appear to be involved with the killers prior to the crime. 

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