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Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Asks New Speaker To Back Off

  An attorney representing   Hunter Biden , the son of the president, beseeched House Speaker   Mike Johnson   (R-LA) to get congressional i...

 An attorney representing Hunter Biden, the son of the president, beseeched House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) to get congressional investigators working to root out corruption to lay off the Biden family.

In a 12-page letter dated Wednesday, lawyer Abbe Lowell asked Johnson to use his “newly minted leadership post responsibly” and to “think twice” about stoking the “spectacle” taking place on Capitol Hill over the past year.

Lowell encouraged Johnson to consider his own statements, including his vow that House Republicans would “follow the truth where it leads,” and listed various ways in which the attorney claimed GOP investigators have lied about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and related matters.

He also took aim at the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, which is examining the behavior of the commander in chief as well as members of his family, and repeatedly bemoaned how House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) teased around two dozen more subpoenas “in the very near future.”

Hunter Biden and President Biden’s brother James Biden were subpoenaed by House Republicans on Wednesday. In addition to the impeachment inquiry, Hunter Biden is facing a criminal investigation, into which House Republicans are taking a hard look over concerns that the Department of Justice slow-walked the process to shield the president’s son.

Encouraging Johnson to be a “different” speaker who “restores the integrity and reputation of your chamber,” Lowell ended his letter by urging him to begin with holding Comer and other top impeachment investigators “to the facts and stopping them from continuing their partisan political games. The latest example of their hoping to do the opposite is ripe for your intervention.”

Comer recently told conservative political commentator Benny Johnson the impeachment inquiry has reached the “downhill phase,” and he aims to “wrap it up as soon as possible.” GOP investigators have been particularly interested in the flow of millions of dollars of suspicious money transfers from foreign dealings through a complicated web of businesses and bank accounts. Biden and his allies insist there is no wrongdoing.

Johnson, who took over as speaker last month after Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was ousted from the role, told reporters last week that he would not “predetermine” an outcome. “But I do believe that very soon we are coming to a point of decision on it,” Johnson said, adding that the impeachment inquiry phase is an “important step” in ensuring due process.

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