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Girl Scouts To Host Training Sessions On ‘Internalized Racism,’ ‘White Supremacy Culture’

  The Girl Scouts of the USA is set to offer a four-part “racial equity” training series to volunteers and parents focusing on “internalized...

 The Girl Scouts of the USA is set to offer a four-part “racial equity” training series to volunteers and parents focusing on “internalized racism” and “white supremacy culture.”

The 111 year-old organization created to serve America’s young women appears to have adopted Critical Race Theory, the divisive ideology that has taken root in America’s schools and corporations. The four part series, set to begin on December 13, will start with a virtual lesson titled “Foundations in Racial Equity,” before launching into “Foundations in Internalized Racism” a month later on January 16.

“Understanding and Decentering White Supremacy Culture” will take place on February 5, and will be followed by the final lesson, titled “Navigating Change, Power and Equitable Decision Making,” in late March.

“These D.E.I. Racial Equity workshops are designed for participants to engage in building a learning community, developing shared language and analysis around diversity, inclusion, and equity, deeply interrogating race,” a description of the sessions obtained by The Daily Wire reads. “Participants also interrogate structural racism and its historical construction while reflecting greatly on the way it manifests in our individual experiences, organizational dynamics, and systemic outcomes.”


The lessons will be held through GS Learn, a training platform for Girl Scout volunteers and family members of Girl Scouts.

The Girls Scouts did not respond to a request for comment on the trainings.

The decision to offer “racial equity” lessons mired in the dogmas of Critical Race Theory comes after the Girl Scouts announced earlier this year that scouts could earn an “LGBTQ+ Pride Month Fun Patch” if they attended a pride parade, memorized a poem written by an author who identifies as LGBTQ, or “read about the Stonewall uprising in 1969 and its importance to the LGBTQ+ community,” writing a poem of their own about the event.

The Girl Scouts have also published an “anti-racism guide” inspired by Critical Race Theory that claims color-blindness “perpetuates racism” and that young children show a “bias towards whiteness.” The guide instructs parents to talk to their children about racism, even implying that parents who refuse may be perpetuating unequal “justice, health, and education systems.”

The upcoming racial equity training sessions will be held in conjunction with the Equity Paradigm Group, a North Carolina-based consulting firm that characterizes itself as “a group of diversity practitioners, adult learning facilitators, researchers, organizers, change agents, and passionate social justice activists who are dedicated to evolving the way in which organizations approach their work.”

“We ground our work in the historical construction of race as a system of advantage to analyze ourselves, our actions, and to identify the underlying, implicit assumptions and biases that hold us back,” the Equity Paradigm Group states.

The consulting firm notes that their training sessions cover a variety of different topics, including “Strategies for applying a Intersectional Racial Equity Lens,” “Defining and Pursuing Liberation,” and “Naming & De-centering White Dominant Culture.”

The Boy Scouts of America have also pushed leftwing worldviews on race, announcing in 2021 that aspiring Eagle Scouts would have to earn the “Citizenship in Society” merit badge. The guide for merit badge counselor — the adults who walk scouts through the process of earning the badge — directs readers to resources that bash colorblindness, denigrate Christopher Columbus, and celebrate the LGBT movement.

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