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Creator of COVID 19 Vaccine was Reportedly Thrown from a Roof in China Three Months After Filing Patent for Vaccine

  China’s military-linked COVID scientist Dr. Yusen Zhou. A new report today in the Daily Mail suggests that Dr. Yusen Zhou, the scientist w...


China’s military-linked COVID scientist Dr. Yusen Zhou.

A new report today in the Daily Mail suggests that Dr. Yusen Zhou, the scientist who filed the patent on the COVID 19 vaccine in only three months, died when he was thrown from a roof in 2021.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on Zhou Yusen (or Dr. Yusen Zhou) since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic.

As reported earlier, Yusen Zhou was from the People’s Liberation Army’s State Key Laboratory of Pathogen and Biosecurity in Beijing and a key link to the People’s Liberation Army’s research on coronaviruses.

Zhou Yusen is listed as a co-inventor on at least eight U.S. patents, the references supporting those patents, for example, 9889194, was research funded by NIAID.  Lawrence Sellin reported that Yusen Zhou’s collaboration with Shibo Jiang continued into the COVID-19 pandemic, publishing a July 30, 2020 Science article together with institutions associated with China’s military.

In another report by Lawrence Sellin – Dr. Yusen Zhou was one of the Chinese military scientists, who collaborated with Major General Wei Chen in the response to the COVID-19 outbreak. He received his training as a military medical doctor and also studied the spike protein of the first SARS coronavirus in 2004, while working in the same research center as Major General Wei, the Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology, Academy of Military Medical Sciences.


The Daily Mail reported:

A retired high-ranking health official revealed a Wuhan scientist secretly working on a Covid vaccine months before the pandemic broke out could have caused the global crisis and then been murdered for it.

Dr Robert Kadlec, who served in the Trump administration as an official in biodefense and epidemic response departments during the Covid-19 pandemic, revealed the coronavirus could have escaped a Wuhan lab at the hands of Chinese military scientist, Zhou Yusen, who was conducting risky research on live animals.

Dr Yusen was believed to be involved in SARS-related coronavirus animal vaccine research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the Summer or Fall of 2019, Kadlec claims in a government report he co-authored.

During his research, Dr Yusen filed a patent in February 2020 for a Covid vaccine that he was suspected of secretly having worked on for months, just three months after the first case of the virus was reported in China – a time far faster than typical vaccine development.

Three months after filing his patent, the scientist mysteriously died when he ‘fell from the roof of the institute.’

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