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CNN Airs Images Of Human Remains From Hamas’ Terrorist Attack On Israel

  CNN’s Jake Tapper showed this week some of the human remains that were left behind after Hamas brutally murdered 1,400 Israelis last month...

 CNN’s Jake Tapper showed this week some of the human remains that were left behind after Hamas brutally murdered 1,400 Israelis last month.

Tapper, who has been reporting live from Tel Aviv over the past few weeks, showed the images during Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Lead” after speaking with Dr. Chen Kugel, the director of Israel’s National Institute of Forensic Medicine, about why it is so difficult for officials to identify some of the bodies.

The segment comes as leftists, anti-Semites, and many in the Islamic world have downplayed the atrocities committed by Hamas and in some cases have denied that the stories of beheadings and people being burned alive even happened.

The first photo that Tapper showed was so graphic that the network could not actually air the image and had to blur it. Tapper then showed medical imaging of the remains of the human corpse.

“So Dr. Kugel said, what looks to be a piece of burnt wood or coal here is actually flesh,” he said. “And upon further examination, with imaging, it reveals two sets of rib cages. One of them is smaller, with a wire tying them together and the conclusion of Dr. Kugel and his team, these are the burned bodies of an adult and a child tied together, maybe embracing.”

The next image that Tapper showed were “charred” human remains from inside a body bag. “You’ll notice that these remains are white,” he said. “He told me that means the temperature was above 700 degrees centigrade [1292 degrees Fahrenheit], which means they used a chemical accelerant to get that high of a temperature.”

“Ultimately, his team concludes these were actually the remains of two different people,” he continued, “though there was no DNA to trace. No DNA was left because of the high temperature. So their identifies will never be known.”

Tapper showed another set of images from a different body bag that revealed three severely charred left legs and two right legs in the bag. The five bones were all that remained of three people who had been burned alive.

Tapper then showed an even more disturbing image from the National Center of Forensic Medicine, an image of a very young girl who was beheaded.

“This is the burned body of an adolescent girl and her head has been mostly separated from her body,” Tapper said. “Now the forensic experts say they don’t know if the separation happened before or after the girl was killed. Still, this happened. And this is the level of cruelty that we are talking about here.”

CNN blurred the photo but enough was still visible to see what happened.


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