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Biden Lavishes Astronomical Dollars on LGBT Promotions in 3 Years

    ‘Has systematically infected nearly all aspects of our foreign policy apparatus’ The U.S. government, under Joe Biden, has handed out so...



‘Has systematically infected nearly all aspects of our foreign policy apparatus’

The U.S. government, under Joe Biden, has handed out some $4.1 billion in taxpayer money to promote the LGBT ideology and lifestyle choices around the globe in just three fiscal years, according to a new report.

The Epoch Times said its investigation of federal spending, mostly under Joe Biden, revealed that the U.S. as awarded more than 1,100 grants “to fund LGBT-promoting projects round the world.”


For example, the LGBT Life Center in Norfolk, Virginia, was handed $1.8 million for a “safe space.”

And in Serbia, LGBT activists got $500,000 for a plan to smooth the path to “economic empowerment and opportunity for LGBTQI+ people,” the investigation showed.

In Armenia, $1 million U.S. tax dollars went to the Pink Human Rights Defender activists.

The Epoch Times said, “The federal spending website can be filtered to show entries that include specific keywords. A list of payouts filtered by using the keyword ‘LGBT’ included 1,181 grants, 31 loans, and nine direct payments during the past three fiscal years.”

Grants including the keyword “LGBT” that involved more than $1 million in individual payouts combined to cost taxpayers $3.7 billion, with many smaller grants uncounted. And those payouts based on the “transgender” keyword totaled some $478 million, the report said.

he report cites documentation from a researcher whose identity was not revealed by the report.

He works at a “politically left-wing” company and told the publication his superiors likely would object to his results.

“I could write for 20 years about just the money that’s already been spent over the past three or four years,” he explained, after sharing his findings on social media.

Taxpayers should be stunned by the spending, the report suggested.

“A Department of Education search revealed an ongoing grant paid to Emory University for researchers to study ‘the rectal mucosal effects of cross-sex hormone therapy among U.S. and Thai transgender women,'” the report said.

And one funded scheme just this year got $350,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities to translate the “Homosaurus,” which is a list of LGBT terms, into Spanish.

“Another grant pays for a ‘social biography of same-sex desire in postcolonial Ireland,'” the report said.

Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice explained in the report the federal government’s profligacy actually is using “the grant process to change the culture and climate in America’s public schools.”

“The grants go to ‘community partners,’ and ‘community partners’ then go in, and they work to change the procedure in the schools” to favor and teach LGBT activist worldviews, she explained.

report in the Washington Stand ticked off the problems facing America, “an ongoing war in the Middle East, open borders flooding in millions of illegal immigrants, a worsening drug crisis, and increased risk of terrorist attacks in the U.S.,” and compared it to Biden’s “priorities,” which are promoting the LGBT beliefs.

“In June, Family Research Council published a report that tracked the Biden administration’s foreign policy LGBT priorities. Written by Arielle Del Turco, director of the Center for Religious Liberty, and Chris Gacek, senior fellow for Regulatory Affairs, it revealed data similar to the Epoch Times’s investigation. FRC’s report also pointed out that the Biden administration’s ‘ideological colonialism’ often ‘strains our relationships with other countries and diverts U.S. attention from focusing on other human rights issues,'” the report said.

Del Turco said, “Sadly, the Biden administration has systematically infected nearly all aspects of our foreign policy apparatus to push LGBT ideology across the globe.

“Under Biden, Pride Month is celebrated at embassies, LGBT issues are included in the State Department’s annual Human Rights reports, the government observes LGBT commemoration days, and the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development fund LGBT activism abroad. This type of international activism is alienating to many American allies in the developing world that have more conservative or traditional value systems.”

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