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American diplomats privately warn Biden regime that Arab world is furious over U.S. position of unconditional support for Israel

  The United States is  ostracizing itself  in the Middle East, a cadre of American diplomats in the Arab world has told the Biden regime. A...

 The United States is ostracizing itself in the Middle East, a cadre of American diplomats in the Arab world has told the Biden regime.

America's limitless and unconditional support for Israel's genocidal military campaign in Gaza "is losing us Arab publics for a generation," reads a diplomatic cable obtained by the media.

This cable underscores widespread concern among American officials about the growing anger around the world towards the U.S., which rather than condemn Israel's genocide in Palestine is supporting it with cash, weapons and troops.

"We are losing badly on the messaging battlespace," reads a cable from the U.S. Embassy in Oman, citing conversations with "a wide range of trusted and sober-minded contacts."

The actions of the U.S. in failing to condemn Israel for carpet-bombing Gaza in response to the October 7 false flag attack – remember: Israel ordered a stand-down for a full seven hours that day, allowing Hamas to infiltrate – are widely seen "as material and moral culpability" among the general public "in what they consider to be possible war crimes."

The cable in question was written by the second-highest U.S. official in Muscat, and was sent to the White House's National Security Council, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).


Israel wants to level Gaza to build Ben Gurion Canal connecting Mediterranean Sea to Red Sea

The American embassy in Cairo also sent a cable that was relayed back to Washington as part of a daily media summary. It corresponded with commentary made in a state-run Egyptian newspaper about how "President Biden's cruelty and disregard for Palestinians exceeded all previous U.S. presidents."

As of now, the Biden regime continues to avoid calling for a ceasefire, all the while ramping up the amount of "aid" going into Gaza while pushing for "humanitarian pauses," meaning Israel agrees to stop shooting and bombing Palestine for a few hours a day every so often.

This is too little, too late, according to many who are outraged that the U.S. is not taking a more hardline stance against Israel's relentless aggression against Gaza, which sits atop land that Israel wants to use for its Ben Gurion Canal Project.

The leaders of Egypt, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) joined the Jordanian foreign minister and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken this past weekend to converse with the secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) about calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Blinken, a Zionist, reiterated U.S. opposition to this call, arguing it will allow Hamas time to regroup and launch another attack on Israel.

On Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came out against the daily four-hour "pauses" of bombings in Gaza, though this was probably Netanyahu playing to his coalition.

While U.S. officials in public seem to support Israel no matter what, there is private chatter suggesting that many of them simply cannot stomach what Israel is doing to Gaza and secretly support a ceasefire. Many Americans also oppose Israeli aggression against Gaza, marking a major shift in public sentiment about the matter.

Last week, Biden himself was confronted by a protester at a private fundraiser who called on the Phony-in-Chief to call for a full ceasefire immediately. Certain entrances to the White House compound were also found to be covered in bright-red handprints, this meant to mimic blood, along with words like "genocide Joe."

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