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14-Year-Old Returns Home 2 Years After Being Captured From Christian School In Nigeria

  A 14-year-old boy who was kidnapped from a Christian school in Africa by a group of   radical Islamic   Fulani herdsmen returned home last...

 A 14-year-old boy who was kidnapped from a Christian school in Africa by a group of radical Islamic Fulani herdsmen returned home last week, more than two years after his captivity began.

Treasure Ayuba, one of 121 students who were kidnapped from the Bethel Baptist High School in Kaduna, Nigeria, finally escaped, according to a local pastor.

“Glory be to God! Glory be to God!! Glory be to God!!!” Pastor Israel Akanji, the President of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, wrote on social media. “Treasure Ayuba, the last boy who was still with the bandits who kidnapped the 121 students of Bethel Baptist High School, Kaduna, on July 5, 2021, has just returned home!”

Ayuba had been captured by Islamic Fulani herdsmen just days after his 12th birthday and forced to march hours away where he was held hostage, according to Open Doors, an organization that monitors Christian persecution around the world.

“Christians from the Nigerian Baptist Convention, which runs Bethel High School, were forced to negotiate with the terrorists over ransom demands,” local pastor Winyadebi Rolis said. “When the convention first started negotiating with the extremists over ransom payments, they thought that all the children would be released. However, to the anguish of the parents, the children were only released in batches with extremists then demanding more money to release the next batch of students.”


Some of the payments demanded by the kidnappers exceeded $300,000. Ayuba’s captors reportedly planned to hold him until he converted to Islam. Ayuba did not and was able to slip away, making it back home where he showed up at his mom’s house, according to Open Doors.

“Treasure somehow managed to sneak away and escape from the extremists,” Winyadebi said. “He walked at night and hid during the day. Eventually he found hunters who took him to his hometown and from there he was able to find his way home.”

He was the last student to make it home and is expected to receive trauma counseling.


Nigeria is one the worst countries in the world for Christian persecution, with thousands being killed every year. Christians in the African nation have accused the government of negligence and asked them to take stronger steps to counter the violence.

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