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MONEY PRINTING MADNESS: Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says America can “absolutely” afford another war

  Eager to dump more American taxpayer cash into Israeli endeavors, Treasury Secretary Janet "Super Mario Mushroom" Yellen told  S...

 Eager to dump more American taxpayer cash into Israeli endeavors, Treasury Secretary Janet "Super Mario Mushroom" Yellen told Sky News this week that the United States can "absolutely" afford to fund not just Ukraine's war against Russia but also Israel's "holy war" against its neighbors.

Even as millions of Americans struggle to eat and survive as inflation and homelessness soar, Yellen says there is plenty of U.S. money available for Israel – so come and get it.

"America can certainly afford to stand with Israel and to support Israel's military needs and we also can and must support Ukraine in its struggle against Russia," the Polish-Jewish 77-year-old is quoted as saying.

"We do need to come up with funds, both for Israel and for Ukraine. This is a priority."


No matter what Israel does, America's pro-Israel government will support it militarily and financially, Yellen says

When asked point-blank whether there are any conditions attached to the blank checks that Yellen wants to give both to Ukraine and to Israel, Yellen responded with a resounding no.

"America stands behind Israel – period," Yellen said. "We stand with Israel ... They have a right to defend themselves."

Keep in mind that this is the same Yellen who told Americans before the current economic crisis began that she did not foresee inflation ever occurring. Then when it did, she lied to America that it would only be "transitory."

"It's not going to come out of her pocket, so what does she care?" one commenter wrote about how Yellen does not represent Americans – meaning she has no business handling the nation's finances – but is rather an Israel firster who should be ousted from government.

"These people are showing what ghouls they truly are. Anyone still supporting them at this point is beyond help."

Another wrote that "only a Zionist-occupied government would have this hideous, lying slug as Treasury Secretary, who swore before Congress under oath that inflation at the end of Biden's first year would be no more than 2%, while all the while she and her co-conspirators at the Fed had already baked five times that into the cake by year end."

"Inflation is a stealth tax as real as any other tax but taken at the supermarket and gas station with every purchase instead of by deduction from our paychecks or payment at year end," this same commenter added.

"So, of course there's enough money to fight Jewish wars on two fronts because the money, as always, is coming straight out of the hide of America's working men and women through inflation. The reason she was first appointed as Fed chairman under Obama and now as Secretary of the Treasury under Biden is to oversee the theft of America's wages and savings through inflation. She was pitching her plan of stealing America's wages through inflation to the Fed over twenty-five years ago, but instead of calling for her impeachment, the Republicans call her 'Madame Secretary.'"

Another pointed out that these same ghouls occupying our government want nothing but war, war, war because they are obsessed with violence and see themselves personally as the best that this world has to offer.

"They offer absolutely zero alternatives except death and destruction to their enemies," this person further wrote.

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