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Men Win Top Two Spots In Women’s Cycling Race In Chicago

  Two biological men won the top two spots and took home the top cash prizes in a   women’s cycling race   in Chicago, leaving a sole female...

 Two biological men won the top two spots and took home the top cash prizes in a women’s cycling race in Chicago, leaving a sole female alone on the podium in third place after the trans-identifying males raced in the competition.

It happened on October 7 at the Chicago CycloCross Cup (CCC), where Tessa Johnson, 25, took home the gold in the Women’s Single Speed and Cat Half categories followed by Evelyn Williamson, 30, who took the silver in the Single Speed contest, the New York Post reported. The bronze went to female Allison Zmuda in the Single Speed race.

In 2020, Williamson raced in both the men’s and women’s categories, where he won first place in the women’s and didn’t even place against the men, the outlet noted.

And the win by the biological men meant that Johnson won $150 and Williamson scored the $75 prize money. Organizers of the event made it clear on the website that they have no problem with biological men racing against biological females.

“If you have found your way to a CCC event to race your bike and hopefully have some fun in the process… then you’re welcome here,” the message read on the website.

“The CCC has always been first and foremost about fostering a positive & supportive community built around competitive cyclo-cross racing, and that means welcoming and challenging everyone who wants to contribute to the series and make it better,” it added. “The CCC supports and follows USA Cycling’s Transgender Athlete Participation policies.”


Former track and field coach Linda Blade slammed the event organizers and said to stop calling them “women’s events.”

“Race organizers of USAcycling need to stop calling these ‘women’s events.’ You are fooling nobody,” Blade wrote. “These are ‘beta-male races’ where some women get to be involved. In the process, you are turning your ‘sport’ into a joke.”

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