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Majority Of Muslim Americans Believe Hamas Was ‘Justified’ In Its Terror Attacks Against Israel

  A new poll released late last week found that the majority of Muslim Americans believes that Hamas was “justified” in committing terrorist...

 A new poll released late last week found that the majority of Muslim Americans believes that Hamas was “justified” in committing terrorist attacks against Israel.

The poll from Cygnal surveyed over 2,000 people from October 16-18 to gauge the public’s overall awareness and attitudes about what was happening in Israel.

A majority overall, 50.6%, have a positive opinion of Israel compared to only 12% who have a negative opinion while 37% were neutral. The two groups that had the highest negative views of Israel were Muslim Americans at 36.5% and Democrats at 15.7%. The groups that had the largest positive views of Israel were Jewish Americans at 85.1% (vs less than 5% negative) and Republicans at 64.9% (vs less than 9% negative).

The results showed that Muslim Americans were far less educated about numerous aspects of the atrocities committed by Palestinian terrorists than Jewish Americans. For example, only 10.8% of Jewish Americans were “not aware” of the fact that Hamas had decapitated babies compared to 34.1% of Muslim Americans who were “not aware.”

Overall, the overwhelming majority of Americans strongly — about 84% — said that Israel had the right to defend themselves against Hamas terror attacks. About 75% of Americans said that Hamas was not justified in attacking Israel.

The survey found that Hamas is viewed by the majority of Americans as the same as Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and ISIS. Muslim Americans mostly agreed but “they slightly over-index for saying Hamas is not as bad as each of the other three terrorist organizations,” the report said.

One concerning finding was that the majority of Muslim Americans, 57.5%, said that they agreed that “Hamas was justified in attacking Israel as part of their struggle for a Palestinian State.”

More than 1,400 Israelis were murdered during the attacks, entire families were wiped out, dozens of babies were decapitated or burned so badly they could not be identified, and women were raped so violently that examiners found that many of their pelvises had been broken.

Despite these atrocities, a plurality of Muslim Americans still had a positive view of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, 38.6% viewed him positively vs. only 34.5% viewed him negatively.

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