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LGBTQ students march against Clemson University removing tampons from men's bathrooms, demand 'repercussions' against Republican group

 LGBTQ students   recently held a march to protest   Clemson University   removing tampons from the men's bathrooms on the campus in   S...

 LGBTQ students recently held a march to protest Clemson University removing tampons from the men's bathrooms on the campus in South Carolina. The students also demanded that the school's Republican club suffer repercussions for opposing feminine hygiene products in men's bathrooms on campus.

Approximately 50 Clemson students marched on Wednesday to demand special protections for "transgender, gender non-conforming students, and the wider LGBTQIA+ community." 

The students carried signs that read: "Gay Liberation," "Trans Revolution," and "Love Is A Human Right." The signs had symbols for anarchy and LGBTQ rainbow-colored hammer and sickle symbols of communism.

The LGBTQ activists were also marching to demand that the university reinstate tampons in men's bathrooms on campus.

"Today, we are marching for the reinstatement of the menstrual products in the men’s restrooms in Cooper Library and throughout campus," said Pan Tankersley – the main student organizer of the event.

Tankersley added, "Students are still not safe on campus. They still experience harassment, hate and all of those things. If anything, the university needs to step up and needs to protect its students." 

The LGBT activists also demanded that the Clemson College Republicans group face "repercussions" for opposing the tampon dispensers in men's bathrooms.

The official Take Back Pride Instagram account – which has the pronouns "They/Them" despite being a social media account – claimed Clemson College Republicans are "contributing to a campus climate that encourages transphobic rhetoric and jeopardizes the safety of LGBTQIA+ students." 

The Clemson College Republicans are the target of the LGBTQ group's scorn after opposing a drag queen show on campus in April 2022 and objecting against having feminine hygiene products in men's bathrooms on campus.

The feminine hygiene dispensers were removed from the Cooper Library men's restrooms on Sept. 16 – three days after the Clemson College Republicans made a harmless social media post about the woke gesture.

The conservative college group said, "A few days ago, our club made it known that tampon and pad dispensers were in several of the MEN'S restrooms in Cooper Library. However, with the help of Representative April Cromer, these dispensers were removed from the walls of the bathrooms. It is a total embarrassment that these were there in the first place. Men cannot be women. Women cannot be men. Period. Reject delusion. Embrace sanity."

"Men are men," said Trevor Tiedeman – chairman of Clemson College Republicans. "Women are women. Of course, men can not menstruate. Of course, we spoke out against that. Of course, these people think the opposite, and that’s why they’re out here protesting us."

Tiedeman added, "We have simply stood up for biological reality. They reject what we believe, and so they want us to get removed from campus."

The College Fix reported, "A top campus official did not say whether administrators would put back the tampons and pads in the men’s bathrooms or whether the College Republicans would face any repercussions."

Clemson University spokesperson Joe Galbraith told Clemson's student newspaper, The Tiger, that the products are still available in women’s and family restrooms.

Chris Miller – Clemson’s Dean of Students and President of Student Affairs – said, "It's always good that our students have access to their campus. The ability to assemble and speak freely unencumbered just goes to the heart of what a university is and what a university is for." 

LGBTQ students call for protection from Clemson

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