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Israel Strikes Iranian-Backed Terrorists In Southern Lebanon

  The   Israel Defense Forces   (IDF) launched strikes against Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorists in southern Lebanon on Saturday in respon...

 The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched strikes against Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorists in southern Lebanon on Saturday in response to aggression from the Islamic terrorists.

The strikes come as top Israeli officials have signaled the IDF has entered a new stage in the war against Hamas, a Palestinian Islamic terrorist organization, after its unprecedented attack against Israel on October 7.

“In response to the rocket and missile fire from Lebanon during the past day, IDF fighter jets struck a number of military targets belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist organization in Lebanon,” the IDF said. “During the strikes, Hezbollah terror infrastructure was targeted, including a military compound and observation posts.”

The IDF struck a separate Hezbollah asset earlier in the day after sirens were sounded in Israel following a rocket launch from the terrorists.

“Following the initial report regarding sirens that sounded in northern Israel, three launches were identified from Lebanese territory toward Israel,” the IDF said. “The launches fell in open areas. In response, the IDF struck Hezbollah military infrastructure in Lebanon.”

The strikes come after Israel forced its citizens to evacuate numerous towns near its border with Lebanon earlier this month due to serious threats that Hezbollah could launch a much larger invasion into Israel than Hamas did.


IDF soldiers told CNN that the three main threats they face from Hezbollah right now are sniper fire, rocket fire, and ground incursions. CNN said that they were advised to quickly record their news segment and then leave the area because there was a good chance that they could be shot at.

The U.S. State Department advised on Friday that U.S. citizens in Lebanon immediately evacuate the country.

“The State Department recommends that U.S. citizens in Lebanon leave now, while commercial flights remain available, due to the unpredictable security situation,” the statement said. “You should have a plan of action for crisis situations that does not rely on U.S. government assistance. The best time to leave a country is before a crisis if at all possible.”

“There is no guarantee the U.S. government will evacuate private U.S. citizens and their family members in a crisis situation,” it added.

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