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Family of man found dead says his nearly naked body was mistaken for Halloween decoration for days and worker mowed around it

  The remains of a man were mistaken for a Halloween decoration for days, and his   outraged family   is demanding answers. The family of 34...

 The remains of a man were mistaken for a Halloween decoration for days, and his outraged family is demanding answers.

The family of 34-year-old Robert Owens said he was last seen alive on Oct. 1. A week later, police found his body on a long driveway of an abandoned home in China Grove, a small town in central North Carolina. 

They said that they discovered his body had been ignored by a man who mowed the lawn and mowed around him, thinking he was a Halloween decoration.

“Don’t know how you can do that,” said Haley Shue, Owens' sister, to WJZY-TV. “Mow right beside someone and assume that they’re Halloween decorations at a house no one lives at.”

The family said he had very few clothes on.

His body was eventually found by a construction worker.

"The construction worker told us that he had cuts and scrapes on his arms, like defensive wounds, his words," said Shue. 

She went on to say that it was a complete mystery as to how he ended up at the abandoned home on Shue Road.

“My grandmother has lived off of Shue Road for 40+ years,” she said, “and he’s never been to this house. He’s never known of this house this far off the road. He’s never been back here. He’s never been known to come here.” 

His family admits that Owens had been known to take drugs.

“His nieces and nephews love him," Shue added tearfully. “We want answers.”

Police have not ruled his death a homicide, but their investigation is ongoing. They expect to have more information when the autopsy report is completed.

Here's a local news report about the incident:

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