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DeSantis On Unfolding Chaos Around The World: ‘Political Correctness Will End This Country If We Don’t Stop’

  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warned over then weekend that the U.S. needed to take its political correctness problem seriously — otherwis...

 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warned over then weekend that the U.S. needed to take its political correctness problem seriously — otherwise the woke mindset will be the death of the country — as elites push to import people whose ideologies and values are radically at odds with the country.

DeSantis made the remarks during a speech primarily about Israel on Saturday at the Republican Jewish Coalition Leadership Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 45-year-old said that support for Israel and the Jewish people is “personal” for him as he proceeded to highlight his record on supporting Jewish communities in the state, clamping down on anti-Semitism on college campuses, helping evacuate people out of Israel following the October 7 attacks, and sending a significant amount of supplies to the country.

He announced that he has called the legislature back in for a special session in the next couple of weeks to “expand our state-based sanctions against the Iranian regime.”

“We already have some of the strongest in the United States, we now have an ability to expand those because the money that’s going into Iran, they’re not using it to make the lives of their people better,” he continued. “They’re using it to fund terrorism throughout the Middle East. So we’re standing up and we’re doing what’s right. And again, this is about leading not with mere words, but deeds. And we’ve done that time and time again.”

He also noted that the attack on Israel happened in part because its border defenses were overrun — and said that should serve as a serious wake up call to the U.S. to secure its border with Mexico.

“I was also the first candidate to say that we in the United States cannot accept refugees from the Gaza Strip,” he said. “And here’s the thing. We got to start looking at these issues with clear eyes. Political correctness will end this country if we don’t stop doing it. And I said you don’t want the Gaza. And what they said was, ‘well, they’re not all Hamas’. Well, look, they elected Hamas. Let’s just be clear. They were cheering for Hamas when Hamas perpetrated this attack, just like they cheered when Al Qaeda knocked down the Twin Towers. They were cheering Palestinian Arabs when that happened.”

“The question isn’t whether you’re all Hamas,” he continued. “The question is, do they teach young kids to hate Jews? Yes. Do they teach young kids that Israel should be wiped off the map? Actually, do they even have Israel in the map on their textbooks? No, it’s not even there. So it’s not a question of whether you’re actually a terrorist or whether you’re a member of Hamas or not. We can’t vet all this stuff out. What I do know is if you bring in hundreds of thousands like people like AOC and the squad want, you will be importing toxic ideology and the pathologies of the Gaza strip into our own country. That is not what the American people deserve. It is not in the American people’s interest to do that.”

“And so we’ve got to get smart about how we handle who comes into our country,” he said. “Europe, what they have done by bringing massive amounts of people into their country, from the Middle East over the last 10 or 15 years, have those people assimilated into what–? No, they’re bringing the same blood feuds that they’re leaving in the Middle East, and they’re replenishing them in places like Britain, in places like Germany. Germany, has more antisemitism today than at any time since Adolf Hitler and it is because they’ve been reckless with who they’ve let into this country. So no more political correctness. We’ve got to be smart about what we’re doing. And we can’t be importing problems from other parts of the country, particularly when you hate Jews and you don’t want Israel to exist. I’m not taking you in, if that’s your position, so just be clear.”

He said that DeSantis has the legal right to “go full tilt” against the terrorists who committed the October 7 massacre and he called on U.S. officials to “toughen up” and have Israel’s back.


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