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Musk Takes Aim At Schools Teaching Kids To ‘Hate’ America In X Space With Ben Shapiro

  Tesla and X owner   Elon Musk   spoke out against leftist indoctrination in the American education system during an X space hosted by Ben ...

 Tesla and X owner Elon Musk spoke out against leftist indoctrination in the American education system during an X space hosted by Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire, saying kids were being taught to “hate” America in schools across the nation.

Musk made the comments on Thursday during an interview with Shapiro and other Jewish leaders that focused on free speech, demonetization, and anti-Semitism. Musk criticized the state of education in America, saying kids were becoming “anti-American.”

“Kids are being taught in elite and high schools and colleges to hate America and hate many things, and question the right of Israel to exist. What on earth is going on?” Musk asked. “We need to fix our education system because they are being indoctrinated with this madness.”

Musk went on to say that kids were being taught that pivotal historical figures like Christopher Columbus were “pure evil” without looking at historical context. He said that while Columbus did some bad things, “America wouldn’t exist without him.”

The billionaire entrepreneur also said that most parents did not know the extent of “propaganda” that was being taught to their children.

“But they are being taught that basically America is bad, the land was taken from Native Americans, and in effect they’re saying America doesn’t have a right to exist. This is crazy,” he said. “Many parents are blissfully unaware of this, they don’t know the amount of propaganda their kids are receiving.”

Previously in the interview, which has been viewed by over 290,000 people, Musk talked about how much joy his own kids brought to his life.

“I think people who don’t have kids don’t realize this, but kids are the source of greatest happiness. I think for the vast majority of people, they really love their children. When you love someone, you derive happiness from their happiness. When my kids are happy, I’m happy,” he said, adding that he was “constantly urging” his friends to have more children.

Musk criticized the anti-human rhetoric used by leftists who claim that “humanity is a blight on the face of the earth” and said that people should continue to expand and explore the “wonders of creation.”

During the interview, Musk pledged to support free speech on X, saying he would stand up to private and government attempts to stifle expression.


“You have a combination of both private organizations … calling for censorship and governments that are putting pressure on social media platforms in order to do the work that they really are not legally allowed to do, certainly in the United States,” Shapiro said. “And so how can you stand up and what sort of pledges can you make to users of Twitter with regard to these sort of backdoor pressure attempts?”

Musk responded by saying his social media platform will defend free speech to the furthest extent the law allows and added that most of the pressure he sees comes from the Left.

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