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GOP Investigators Seek Boston Connection In Biden Pseudonym Mystery

  A pair of Senate Republicans want to know if   nine boxes of materials   retrieved from the   Boston   office of a personal attorney to Pr...

 A pair of Senate Republicans want to know if nine boxes of materials retrieved from the Boston office of a personal attorney to President Joe Biden contained any pseudonyms or personal email addresses.

Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) sent a letter this week to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), asking whether the agency has reviewed the contents of the boxes obtained earlier this year from Patrick Moore’s law firm in Boston after allegedly being moved from Biden’s former think tank office in Washington, D.C.

“If so, did any of the Biden records discovered at Mr. Moore’s Boston office include the pseudonyms and email addresses listed below that then-Vice President Biden used?” they asked. The senators listed: “,” “,” “JRB Ware,” and “67stingray.”

NARA notified the senators in March that its staff had fetched the nine boxes from the Boston office at the request of the Justice Department in November as part of an investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents currently led by special counsel Robert Hur. Grassley and Johnson had asked in prior correspondence whether NARA knew if the same email addresses appeared in any of the materials from Boston, but the agency insisted that its staff had not reviewed the contents at the time.

Biden’s suspected use of fake names has started to gain more attention in recent days as a group called the Southeastern Legal Foundation sued NARA to turn over approximately 5,400 records connected to Biden’s pseudonym accounts.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) sent a letter to NARA earlier this month requesting all unredacted records and communications regarding Biden’s official duties as vice president that overlapped with his son Hunter’s activities in Ukraine — specifically mentioning a document allegedly sent to “‘Robert L. Peters’ — a pseudonym the Committee has identified as then Vice President Biden.”

For years, Biden claimed to have never spoken to Hunter about his business dealings, but as GOP investigators have uncovered a pattern of millions of dollars flowing to members of the First Family from foreign nationals under suspicious circumstances, the White House has taken to saying the elder Biden never did business with his son. Now House Republicans appear to be on the cusp of starting an impeachment inquiry.


In their latest letter, Grassley and Johnson pressed Archivist of the United States Colleen Shogan to declare whether NARA is certain that the roughly 5,400 records that the agency told the Southeastern Legal Foundation was potentially responsive to the group’s Freedom of Information Act request make up the “complete subset of records that contain Biden’s pseudonyms and personal email addresses used for official government business” if NARA staff have still not reviewed the boxes from Boston. “Please explain,” they added.

Other demands made by the senators include a request for details on NARA’s efforts to respond to the Southeastern Legal Foundation, including the review of the “approximately 5,138 email messages, 25 electronic files and 200 pages of potentially responsive records.”

The senators asked NARA to provide the requested information by September 12.

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