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Video leaks of popular Florida radio host engaging in physical confrontation with woman at fan event: 'I'll kick the s**t outta you'

  A popular   Florida   radio host is seen on a leaked   video   getting into a physical confrontation with a woman at a fan event. Tampa ra...

 A popular Florida radio host is seen on a leaked video getting into a physical confrontation with a woman at a fan event.

Tampa radio personality Mike Calta is seen on video getting into a physical altercation with a woman at a Florida gun store, according to the Daily Mail.

Video shows a woman with papers in one hand and a cell phone in the other hand. The woman is allegedly recording video of Calta with her cell phone at a gun shop in Sarasota on July 17.

Calta is heard saying on video, "How pathetic is your life that you're here fighting this fight?"

The woman responds, "How pathetic is your life?"

Calta instructs the woman to turn around and look at the people behind her.

"Turn around and look at these people," Calta said. "Turn your camera around, these people are here to see me."

Calta steals the phone from the woman. 

The woman tells the radio host, "You don't have permission to take that from me. That's my property."

The woman attempts to retrieve her phone back, but Calta holds it out of her reach.

Calta threatens, "Back away from me or I'll kick the s**t outta you." 

"B*tch, you don't back away from me these guys are gonna throw you the f*** out," Calta said, referencing security guards nearby.

The woman lunges for her phone; then a furious Calta violently shoves the woman in her face. She is pushed away and a security guard physically removes her from the area.

Calta demands, "Get the f*** off me, you dirty c***."

The host of "The Mike Calta Show" on 102.5 FM is seen on video using the woman's phone after she is taken away.

Calta, previously known as "Cowhead," signed a contract with 102.5 FM last year.

The Tampa Bay Times reported, "Cox Media Group on Monday announced that Mike Calta has signed a new multi-year contract to stay at 102.5 FM 'The Bone,' marking two decades in the Tampa Bay area radio scene."

"I couldn’t be more excited that The Mike Calta Show will continue to call 102.5 The Bone home for many years to come," said John Brennan – director of branding and programming for 102.5 The Bone.

The outlet noted that "The Mike Calta Show" was the top morning drive talk show in Tampa.

(WARNING: Graphic video)

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