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Suspected Murderer Of Mom Of Five Could Be A Serial Killer, Sheriff Says

  The man suspected of killing a   Maryland   mom of five could be a serial killer due to the brutality of the crime, a sheriff says. Rachel...

 The man suspected of killing a Maryland mom of five could be a serial killer due to the brutality of the crime, a sheriff says.

Rachel Morin, 37, was last seen alive on August 5 in Bel Air, Maryland, when she went out for a walk, Fox News reported. After she didn’t return home, her boyfriend reported her missing.

Her body was found the next day in a wooded area off the trail she had been walking. While it is known that her murder was brutal, police have not disclosed what injuries she sustained or additional details about her killing.

“The violence associated with Rachel’s case shows he has absolutely no care, no regard for human life. I believe he will continue to do it until he’s captured,” Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler told Fox. “He may be a serial killer.”

DNA found at the crime scene matched that of a suspect wanted for a home invasion across the country in California, which included the assault of a young girl. Police in Los Angeles don’t know the identity of the suspect, but they do have a DNA profile.

“Serial killers all start somewhere. What he did in Los Angeles was certainly, I believe, in that direction,” Sheriff Gahler told Fox. “I believe it was his intention to inflict more serious physical harm.”

As in Maryland, Los Angeles police haven’t released specific details about the assault. Harford police reportedly traveled to Los Angeles to work with local law enforcement to follow leads that could reveal the identity of the suspect.

“We don’t know who he is yet,” Gahler said. “He could still be laying his head here in our county, or he could have fled anywhere in the country or even the world.”

The shirtless suspect was captured on video outside the Los Angeles home he broke into but is only seen from behind and from the side. He is believed to be a Hispanic male in his 20s, about 5-foot-9 and weighing around 160 pounds. It is unclear whether he killed Morin randomly.

Morin’s family has spoken out about their grief. Richard Tobin, who had started dating Morin just days before her murder, called the man who killed her “scum” in a Facebook post asking for help identifying the suspect.


“Please help identify this scum bag #ripRachelmorin,” Tobin, 27, wrote, according to Fox.

“I hope they found this scum of the earth. Justice for Rachel. Rip. Love you, Rach,” he added.

On Sunday, Morin’s mother Patty described her horror when her daughter was first reported missing, thinking that “she’s all alone somewhere.” She said finding out her daughter had been murdered was “unbearable.”

Following Morin’s death, Patty has found comfort in her faith.

“I know the God that we believe in and the God that Rachel believes in was there holding her and comforting her, and He never left her,” Patty said at Morin’s funeral.

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