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Professor says 'little children' should be exposed to adult genitalia to prepare them for sharing restrooms with trans individuals — swimmer Riley Gaines fires back

  A University of British Columbia professor switched her Twitter account to private after receiving a tsunami of blowback for sharing distu...

 A University of British Columbia professor switched her Twitter account to private after receiving a tsunami of blowback for sharing disturbing parenting advice with her social media followers last month.

Social media users torched journalism professor Dr. Katja Thieme for her response to a video of competitive swimmer Riley Gaines.

Thieme labeled Gaines a transphobe for advocating for women's rights. Gaines, who previously competed with trans-identifying swimmer Lia Thomas, has been an outspoken critic of trans ideology and has repeatedly condemned allowing biological men to share restroom and locker room facilities with biological women.

"Lia Thomas is not a brave, courageous woman who EARNED a national title. He is an arrogant, cheat who STOLE a national title from a hardworking, deserving woman," Gaines previously posted on social media.

In response to a video of a testimony given by Gaines advocating for women's rights, Thieme tweeted, "Hey, want to know one of my all time excellent parenting ideas?" 

"Let. Little. Children. See. Penises. And. Vulvas. Of. Various. Ages. And. Sizes. In. A. Casual. Normalized. Totally. Safe. Way," Thieme's post continued. "The world will thank you for it. And so will those children when they grow up."

The Toronto Sun and the Daily Mail shared screenshots of Thieme's shocking comments before the professor switched her Twitter account to private. 

One Twitter user replied to Thieme, stating that exposing children to adult genitalia is the "absolute definition of grooming."

"If this woman has children she needs to be investigated. She. is. sick," another social media user posted.

Gaines had previously stated that she "felt like I was going into the race with my hands tied behind my back" when competing against Thomas.

In an earlier post from Thieme, she blasted Gaines for being "whiny" and "a sore not-even-loser." She accused the swimmer and those against biological men competing in women's sports of fueling "anti-trans activism."

Gaines replied to Thieme on Monday, writing on Twitter, "You. Are. Deranged. And. Should. Be. In. Prison. I'd tag you, but, naturally, you made your account private. If you need a guest lecturer for you[r] course, let me know. In the meantime, someone should check her search history."

The Daily Mail reported that Thieme did not respond to a request for comment. Additionally, the University of British Columbia did not reply to the Daily Caller New Foundation's request for comment.

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