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Child trafficking victim says her captor “took all his girls to Planned Parenthood” because abortion provider doesn’t ask questions

  Several victims of child trafficking have  come forward  to reveal that Planned Parenthood plays an integral role in the disposal process ...

 Several victims of child trafficking have come forward to reveal that Planned Parenthood plays an integral role in the disposal process of unwanted babies – no questions asked.

In fact, Planned Parenthood appears to cater to child traffickers in that their victims can be brought there for abortions on demand with no probing by Planned Parenthood employees as to why or how these underage girls became pregnant in the first place.

One young child trafficking victim named Laura says that at the time when she was brought to Planned Parenthood for an abortion, she was so "young" that she needed "a waiver." And yet, still, the abortion provider did not even ask about her pregnancy, but instead simply proceeded to perform it.

"I went to hospitals, urgent care clinics, women's health clinics, and private doctors," Laura is quoted as saying.

"I was on birth control during the 10 years I was on the streets – mostly Depo-Provera shots which I got at Planned Parenthood and other neighborhood clinics. I got the morning-after pill from them."


Child traffickers befriend Planned Parenthood staff members as repeat customers

Another trafficking survivor named Ann says she became pregnant six different times while being trafficked and had six abortions. At least one of them took place at Planned Parenthood "because they didn't ask any questions," this being a benefit to traffickers.

"I had so much scar tissue from these abortions because there was no follow-up and in a couple of cases I had bad infections, so bad that I eventually lost my fallopian tubes [and had to have a hysterectomy]," the young woman says – watch the video below"

While accompanying Ann to various Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, Ann's trafficker would befriend the staff members. The trafficker would also bring in other victims and do the very same thing as a repeat customer, so to speak.

"He [the trafficker] took all his girls there," Ann says. "They knew him by Benny, but they didn't know who he was."

"He just kept saying that they were sisters or friends. He wasn't like, 'Oh, this is my girlfriend. This is my girlfriend. This is my girlfriend.' He would just say, 'This is my sister. This is my friend. This is my cousin.' That was how he would be able to get a lot of different people in and not get questioned about it."

Whenever any of Benny's trafficking victims went to Planned Parenthood, he would, too – every time. He would then wait there and refuse to go outside, even if asked by healthcare providers.

"He was like, 'Naw, I'm good. I want to make sure that you treat her right' kind of thing," Ann says. "They didn't make him. They would just say, 'Are you okay with him being here?' The answer is always, 'Yeah.'"

Another young woman named Jazzy says she would regularly go to Planned Parenthood with her trafficker, who held her captive for more than six years.

"I'm just filling out the paperwork and I'm waiting until I get called," Jazzy said. "And he's going to go in with me [the trafficker]."

"And I told him, 'I don't think they are going to let you go in there,' you know? And he was like, 'Well, okay. We are going to figure that out. I'm not going to leave you out of my sight.' Like, you know, 'what do [traffickers] think you are going to do? Go in there with the doctor and never come out?' you know. And I was really nervous. I was like, 'Oh wow' ... you know what I mean? No type of privacy or anything. He's on edge all the time, you know?"

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