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Todd And Julie Chrisley’s Kids Describe Parents’ Prison ‘Nightmare,’ Including Venomous Snakes, Black Mold, And No Air Conditioning

  Todd and  Julie Chrisley  are currently serving  prison  sentences at different facilities for  bank fraud  and tax evasion, which their c...

 Todd and Julie Chrisley are currently serving prison sentences at different facilities for bank fraud and tax evasion, which their children say has been especially brutal due to their alleged living conditions.

Chase, 27, and Savannah, 25, described the “inhumane conditions” their parents are in, calling the prison setting “a nightmare” during a conversation on the podcast “Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley.”

“They both have no air. No air conditioning … They’re both in states where it gets 100-plus degrees. And there’s no air conditioning,” Chase said. 

“And mom has rattlesnakes just casually slithering on the floor in front of her,” Savannah said. Chase clarified that they weren’t actually rattlesnakes but were some other venomous species of snake. “That to me is an issue,” Savannah said.

“No sh**….I don’t care if you killed somebody, if you’re in a government facility, you should have air conditioning. Like that’s just ridiculous,” Chase added.

“Air conditioning is the least of it. Whenever you’ve got black mold, asbestos, lead-based paint, snakes,” Savannah replied.

“It’s not ‘Fear Factor,’” Chase said.

“I mean, Chase, it is prison, so we’re not gonna sit here and act like it should be the Four Seasons,” Savannah said. 

The Chrisley kids acknowledged that their parents probably wouldn’t get sympathy from the public after being convicted of multiple crimes. Both Todd and Julie have maintained their innocence since being convicted in 2022.

“What’s so sad is these people are speaking out about it or want to speak out about it, are being retaliated against. And it’s just wrong,” Savannah said.

“They have remained loyal to each other,” Chase said of Todd and Julie. “They love each other. But the thing about is — that’s the biggest organized crime that I’ve ever seen — is the government. Owning and operating places like this to where it’s making money for them, but it’s literally putting people’s lives in danger just from the conditions.”

Todd is serving 12 years at the Federal Prison Camp Pensacola in Florida. Meanwhile, Julie is serving seven years at the Federal Medical Center Lexington in Kentucky, per Fox News.

The outlet provided a statement from Donald Murphy of the Federal Bureau of Prisons Office of Public Affairs. The rep said he couldn’t comment on “the conditions of confinement for any specific adult in custody (AIC)” but did speak generally about the facilities.

“We can assure you all AICs have unlimited access to drinking water and the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is monitoring the ventilation at the Federal Prison Camp (FPC) Pensacola and the Federal Medical Center (FMC) Lexington, as one of our highest priorities is the safety of BOP employees and AICs,” the statement said.

“Every BOP facility, including FPC Pensacola and FMC Lexington have contingency plans to address a large range of concerns or incidents, including ventilation temperatures, and is fully equipped and prepared to implement these plans as necessary,” it continued.

“Furthermore, all BOP institutions, including FPC Pensacola and FMC Lexington follow the regulations and rules set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and adhere to the guidelines established in the ‘Maintain in Place Rule’ and ‘Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule,'” the statement added, according to Fox News.

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