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South Park Clips Perfectly Predicted How Insane The Left Would Get

  Everyone always goes on about how “The Simpsons” accurately predicted a bunch of weird things that happened in reality, but no one* ever g...

 Everyone always goes on about how “The Simpsons” accurately predicted a bunch of weird things that happened in reality, but no one* ever gives credit to “South Park” for the same gift.

We here at the Daily Caller thought it would be appropriate to collate a handful of “South Park’s” best predictions for just how insane leftists and progressives have become in the last few years. And if you have a loved one, friend, or even colleague who subscribes to these insane tropes, please send them this article so they know precisely how embarrassed they should be with themselves.

Let’s start with China’s stealth invasion of America. “South Park” predicted this reality more  than three years ago in a brilliant episode where Randy tries to create more opportunities for his cannabis company, Tegrity Farms, by heading to China.

Then there was that episode where “South Park” seemed to out. Disney’s plan to sell sex to little girls. You think this is wild? Just check out this haunting clip where Mickey Mouse beats the absolute sh*t out of the Jonas Brothers for trying to stop selling sex to little girls.

Former Disney star Cole Sprouse went public in April 2022 with accusations that Disney “heavily sexualized” the young girls in many of their Disney Channel shows.

Or how about the fact that “South Park” managed to hit-the-nail on the head when it came to so-called trans-surgeries. This particular episode is iconic, as the clip features both a character trying to go from white to black, and other trying to go from human to dolphin.

Just like with real-world gender transition surgeries, they didn’t work, and everyone involved was just heavily mutilated by Big Pharma.

To further reinforce this point, here’s a clip of Mr. Garrison realizing that he’s not a woman, he’s just a man with a mutilated penis.

Sticking with the transgender theme, remember when Strong Woman had to compete against a biological male? And how stupid that was, as if anyone would let that become a reality. Oh, wait. 

This “South Park” clip also called out just how stupid so-called “diversity, equity, and inclusion” concepts are, and how they absolutely perpetuate limited stereotypes of race and religion. This clip was so well-done that it essentially forecast the death of DEI, something all of us can be thankful for.

And finally, “South Park” predicted in this clip that literally any crime that involves a person of race (any race) is a hate crime. 

*I didn’t even check to see if someone else has given “South Park” credit for these predictions because I was too busy having fun watching all these videos. There are probably many, many other examples, so let us know in the comments.

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