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Miranda Lambert Gets Laugh Out Of Fan’s ‘Selfie’ T-Shirt After Concert Photo Call-Out

  Country music singer   Miranda Lambert   appeared to break her silence on the controversy revolving around her criticizing fans snapping p...

 Country music singer Miranda Lambert appeared to break her silence on the controversy revolving around her criticizing fans snapping photos at one of her shows with a bit of humor.

In a video from one of her “Velvet Rodeo” residency performances in Las Vegas over the weekend, the 39-year-old singer took note of a person in the front row wearing a T-shirt that read, “Shoot Tequila, Not Selfies.”

Lambert read the text of the T-shirt out loud to the crowd who reacted with loud applause. “She did it, I didn’t,” Lambert quipped as she laughed.

“That’s bada**,” Lambert told the fan wearing the shirt, before appearing to take a sip of a small bottle of tequila.

The “Gunpowder and Lead” hitmaker’s lighthearted reaction stands in contrast to when she made headlines earlier this month after stopping mid-concert to call out a group of fans in the audience.

Lambert had begun singing her hit song “Tin Man” when she noticed ladies near the front taking photos.

“I’m gonna stop right here for a second,” Lambert said, as seen in a clip of the interaction posted on TMZ.

“These girls are worried about their selfies and not listening to the song,” Lambert said after the music came to a halt. “It’s pissing me off a little bit. We’re here to hear some country music tonight. And I’m singing some country damn music.”

The entire time Lambert blasted the selfie crew, people in the audience could be heard cheering.

Lambert appeared to signal to the fans that she wanted the phones put away and told the ladies, “We’re good,” before asking the crowd, “Shall we start again?” The concert then resumed.

Fans were split on TikTok over the hit country singer’s behavior, the New York Post reported.

“Miranda didn’t even talk to our Vegas audience between songs hardly,” one TikTok user said. “Always in a mood. Fans can enjoy however they want. They paid.”

Another added, “But maybe they were taking the selfies or videos to remember the occasion. I think she was out of line.”

Others agreed with the “Hell on Heels” hitmaker’s statement on selfies.

Adela Calin, one of the ladies who can be seen on Instagram posing for photos and taking selfies at the concert, appeared for an interview on Newsmax to react to being made an example by Lambert.

“The last time someone pointed at me and told me to sit down is when I was in grade school and me and my friends did something that annoyed the teacher,” Calin told the outlet.


Calin said she will still listen to Lambert’s music she already has on her playlist, but otherwise is done with the singer.

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