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Leftism Summed Up: Public Crotches Good, Public Crosses Bad.

  “Public crotches good, public crosses bad,” goes the Leftist worldview today. That mantra has actually summed up the Left for quite some t...

 “Public crotches good, public crosses bad,” goes the Leftist worldview today. That mantra has actually summed up the Left for quite some time now, but it was on full frontal display — literally — this past Pride month.

In cities from coast-to-coast last weekend, grown men, women, and everything in between  — their argument, not mine — practically bared it all in fountains, on bikes, and at dance parties in the street.

Children, of course, were present for and subjected to appalling scenes. Normal-minded Americans condemned this sort of behavior as depraved. Others like Ron Filipkowski said the real problem with these sorts of scenes is that they will be used by the GOP for political fodder. He apparently wasn’t so concerned with the destruction of childhood innocence.

Of course, pride parades have always included lewdness. In 2001, The Onion even lampooned the events with a column titled, “Gay-Pride Parade Sets Mainstream Acceptance Of Gays Back 50 Years.”

But it is no longer that the LGBTQ+ agenda seeks mere acceptance — if that was ever its goal. The Left wants to replace Judeo-Christian values. It always has.

As Daily Wire Editor emeritus Ben Shapiro said, “Pride Month is not a call for equality, but a call for revolution. The Pride movement was always a call for a replacement of historic, tried and true cultural norms with new, untried, and risky cultural norms.”

Indeed, from our Executive Branch to your local library, and even in “kid-friendly entertainment,” the message is simple: In order to be a good person, you have to accept the LGBTQ+ agenda wholeheartedly. Judeo-Christian values which put forth the traditional concept of family, sex, and gender are to be shunned, or somehow twisted into supporting the LGBTQ+ agenda (Jesus says to love everybody! No judgment!). 

That sort of tolerance leads to events such as naked weirdos marching down the street under the rainbow flag.


Americans who disagree with that wind up on hate lists, are effectively targeted by the Department of Justice, and are treated as extremists.

Meanwhile, several federally-funded Veterans Affairs clinics have removed cross-shaped designs in what Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) said are “attempts to sterilize the public square … of all symbols of Christianity.”

In professional sports, a Christian athlete was cut in part due to his performance as well as “distraction,” after he voiced support for boycotts of companies that promote the LGBTQ religion — despite apologizing.  The Los Angeles Dodgers infamously chose to honor a blatantly anti-Catholic “hate group,” as described by Catholic Bishop Robert Barron. Members of that group openly perform sexual dances in a mockery of some of the Catholic Church’s core beliefs, sacraments, and matters of faith.

And last weekend, a man protesting a gay pride parade while shouting Bible verses was arrested and condemned by his local mayor. His charges were dropped, but legal experts say that the arrest was clearly politically motivated — not grounded in the law. The local government soon changed its mind, as a Facebook post from the Berks County District Attorney, where the man resides, reads, “After a review of the incident which took place on June 3, 2023, in the 800 block of Washington Street in the City of Reading, the District Attorney’s Office has withdrawn the charges of disorderly conduct filed against Damon Atkins.”

So it is not that liberals do not believe that the public square should be neutral and devoid of religion. They wrongly believe that having America’s guiding principles since its inception, Judeo-Christian values, in public life is damaging to our moral fabric — oppressive even.

They believe that public celebration and promotion of LGBTQ+ values is a good thing. The “new religion” of LGBTQ+  is not only a net positive for society but a prerequisite for true liberation, Leftists claim.

This column barely scratches the surface of this issue, but, remember, for the Left, “Public crotches good, public crosses bad.”

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