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Governor Abbott Fires Back After DOJ Demands He Remove Floating Barrier On Rio Grande

  Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) said on Monday that he will see the Biden administration in court after the Department of Justice demanded tha...

 Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) said on Monday that he will see the Biden administration in court after the Department of Justice demanded that he remove a floating barrier that was recently erected in the Rio Grande to stem the tide of illegal aliens pouring into the U.S. from Mexico.

The DOJ claims that the barrier violates federal law because it obstructs U.S. waters without authorization. The department demands that the barrier be removed at the state’s expense.

“What you see the governor doing is dangerous and unlawful, and it’s actually hurting the process,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed on Monday. “It’s hurting the process of what we’re trying to do … Instead of coming to the table and trying to figure out a way to work together, he continues to do this really cruel, unjust, inhumane ways of moving forward.”

Jean-Pierre further claimed that Abbott’s criticisms of the administration’s illegal immigration were not made in “good faith.”

“He’s just not,” she claimed. “There’s no good-faith effort here in what Governor Abbott is doing. And the only person — the one person that is sowing chaos is Governor Abbott. That’s what he continues to do: political stunts in an inhumane way.”

Abbott responded to the lawsuit and the White House’s remarks during a Monday interview with Bret Baier on Fox News, where he outlined Texas’ case for moving forward with their actions.

“It is in the public interest for the state of Texas to be safeguarding and securing our border from people entering the United States illegally,” he said. “For another, we believe that statute does not apply in any way because what state of Texas is doing through those buoys is not in violation of this statute.”

Abbott said that Texas will litigate the case “initially in federal district court in the state of Texas.”


“If we lose there, we will be going to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and eventually all the way to the United States Supreme Court, because Texas is defending its sovereignty and its constitutional right to secure the border of our state in our country,” he added.

The buoy barriers have been placed in the river to deter illegal immigrants from attempting to cross into the U.S. near Eagle Pass.

The 4-foot-wide orange spherical buoys spin if someone tries to grab onto them, according to the New York Post. The barrier can be moved or extended if need be.

The effort is part of the state’s “Operation Lone Star,” which aims to combat the catastrophe unleashed on the state by President Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

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