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250 Celebrities sign letter urging Big Tech to censor opponents of child genital mutilation

  Around 250 celebrities affixed their names to an open letter demanding that Big Tech  censor and suppress anyone opposing the genital muti...

 Around 250 celebrities affixed their names to an open letter demanding that Big Tech censor and suppress anyone opposing the genital mutilation of children, deceptively called "trans healthcare."

The June 27 open letter was addressed to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, YouTube CEO Neal Mohan, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew and two Twitter executives – Linda Yaccarino and Elon Musk. It called on the five tech bigwigs to "fulfill their promises" to LGBT users indicated in their respective terms of service. The letter emphasized: "There has been a massive systemic failure to prohibit hate, harassment, and malicious anti-LGBT disinformation on your platforms, and it must be addressed."

Celebrities that signed the letter included Dylan Mulvaney, Jazz Jennings and Elliot Page – all transgender individuals. "Non-binary" actress Demi Lovato, director Taika Waititi of "Thor: Ragnarok" fame, obese model Tess Holliday and sibling actresses Dakota and Elle Fanning also affixed their signatures to it. Pop singers Sam Smith, Bebe Rexha, Ariana Grande, Camila Cabelo and Shawn Mendes were also listed as signatories. 

The open letter posted by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) cited examples of these alleged anti-LGBT content supposedly proliferating social media platforms. Such content included "dangerous posts (both content and ads) created and circulated by high-follower anti-LGBT hate accounts" and "targeted misgendering and deadnaming of trans and nonbinary people."

"This disinformation and hate, inadequately moderated on your platforms, plays an outsized role in the sharp increase in real-world anti-transgender targeting and violence," it stated.

The letter challenged Big Tech firms to address "content that spreads malicious lies and disinformation about medically necessary healthcare for transgender youth." It suggested the development of "specific mitigations on such disinformation … akin to mitigations and rules" deployed against election skepticism and the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

It also challenged the tech companies to limit "accounts and postings that perpetuate anti-LGBT extremist hate," most especially those pushing what it calls the "'groomer' conspiracy theory." According to the letter, "such harmful and dangerous lies must be more effectively moderated and mitigated."

LGBT mafia flexing its muscle before Pride month ends

In a June 28 piece for InfoWars, Steve Watson decried the woke celebrities who signed the open letter. He also blasted the letter's demands for Big Tech to "crack down on anyone who doesn't fall into line with the trans agenda, including advocating life-changing gender surgeries on children."

"[This] essentially [means] censoring anyone who doesn't completely advocate removing the genitals of children and sterilizing them," he noted.

"Recall that the 'mitigations' employed by Big Tech against people who expressed opinions on the 2020 election and COVID-19 that were in any way divergent to the establishment narrative were to censor and altogether remove them from the platforms. This included merely suggesting that the COVID-19 lab leak theory, which is now the accepted probable reality of what happened to several government agencies and scientists, warranted an investigation."

Watson also cited the results of a poll conducted by Summit Ministries and McLaughlin & Associates on 1,000 American voters about the LGBT issue. It found that 61 percent of respondents believe introducing children to transgenderism, drag shows and LGBTQ+ themes stunts their emotional and psychological development. Meanwhile, 63 percent of the poll's respondents believe that those advocating for children to be exposed to these issues are motivated purely by a desire to push a specific cultural agenda.

"We've suspected for a long time that most Americans think it hurts kids when the culture sexualizes them in the name of left-wing progressivism. This poll reveals that the vast majority of voters share this concern," said Summit Ministries President Dr. Jeff Myers.

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