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WATCH: Kari Lake Tells Turning Point Crowd in Dallas, “Our First Female President is in This Room” – Crowd Goes WILD!

  Kari Lake may or may not have teased the idea of herself running to be the first female President in American History while giving a speec...


Kari Lake may or may not have teased the idea of herself running to be the first female President in American History while giving a speech at Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas over the weekend.

The crowd of young women went INSANE when she suggested, “Our first female President is in this room.”

We think Kari Lake would make an excellent President. Nobody, except President Trump, can fire up a crowd in any state across the Country like Kari Lake!

Even leftists in the media know she has what it takes. As The Gateway Pundit reported, after a rally in Iowa in February, Lake was asked by a reporter, “Are you planning to run for President?” Lake responded with her endorsement of President Trump and destroyed the media for refusing to cover the stolen 2020 Election.


Lake was also repeatedly asked by the fake news media while campaigning for Arizona Governor if she would be President Trump’s running mate in 2024, despite arguing that she didn’t have the experience necessary to run Arizona as Governor. They all know that Kari Lake is an incredible candidate with the popularity and skill to win any election! And Lake did win her election for Governor, but it was rigged and stolen by Katie Hobbs and the RINO Maricopa County election officials.

Nobody would even think of asking Hobbs questions like this.

Lake is still fighting her lawsuit against the rigged election in Maricopa County, where 59% of machines failed on Election Day, targeting Republicans. Lake’s attorneys have filed a Notice of Appeal against Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson’s recent rulings, dismissing her lawsuit and new evidence of rigged voting machines before the recent trial. They plan to take their challenge all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

Still, many prominent figures on the right and left are eying Kari Lake as a potential V.P. pick for President Trump’s America First agenda.

Conservative author and ACT for America founder Brigitte Gabriel tweeted earlier this year, “Kari Lake would make a perfect Vice President choice for President Trump.”

One America News Network Chief White House Correspondent, Chanel Rion, also says she is “watching Kari Lake” in hopes that President Trump may choose her. Rion pressed President Trump in an interview last year on the prospect of Kari Lake as his running mate.

Additionally, nudddmerous polls show Kari Lake as a clear favorite for a Trump running mate.

If Kari Lake is chosen as President Trump’s running mate, this will surely give her another leg up on the competition for the next Republican Presidential Nominee.

This past weekend, Kari Lake threw down the gauntlet as a keynote speaker at the Georgia GOP Convention, telling the Fake News Media, “If you want to get at President Trump, you’re going to have to go through me, and you’re going to have to go through 75 Million Americans just like me.” Like Trump, Lake refuses to back down from the Fake News and the radical left’s stolen elections. She has also shown her ability to campaign in other states over and over. Kari Lake is here to stay.

  Kari Lake’s new hit single, “81 Million Votes My Ass,” with The Truth Bombers is already smashing the charts with a new spot at number one on iTunes less than two weeks after its release! She is already national celebrity in both music and politics with unwavering support from Americans who are tired of woke bullsh*t being shoved down their throats. 

While speaking at TPUSA’s largest event in the country for female conservatives, in Dallas, Texas, Lake told the massive crowd, “We have got a future first [female] President in this room,” and they went wild with support for Lake to be the first female President in U.S. history!

Kari brushed off the obvious approval of her candidacy, perhaps in 2028, saying, “Wait a minute. No. You guys!”

Watch below:

Lake: I’m not sure what the future holds, but what I will tell you is I see such strength in this room. I think maybe it’s even possible that our first female President is in this room.

We have got a future first President in this room.

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