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South African “race quotas” will limit WHITE residents’ access to water

  To “right” the past “wrongs” of apartheid, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and his African National Congress (ANC) political party...

 To “right” the past “wrongs” of apartheid, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and his African National Congress (ANC) political party are trying to punish white residents by enacting “race quotas” on how much water they are allowed to use.

If passed, the proposal would weaponize South Africa’s water supply by disallowing whites from using “too much” of it. Most of the precious resource would be directed strictly to black people while whites would have to agree to accept less of it.

Draft regulations published by the ANC provision that all applicants for consumptive water use, meaning when water is removed from available supplies without being returned to a resource system, would need to allocate a certain number of shares to black people based on the size of land.

According to reports, business owners wanting or needing more water usage than what gets allocated to them based on the scheme would need to force a higher share of black ownership in order to get it.

“Apparently, dehydrating white people and destroying their farms will serve as retribution for the past Apartheid government,” reports Revolver. “This is radical liberal logic at it’s very ugliest and most dangerous, and it’s the exact same logic the American regime uses inside our own borders.”


Twitter allows racist ANC proposal to be shared on platform because its anti-white race quotas haven’t been implemented yet

The smaller the amount of land requesting increased water access, the less percentage of black ownership required, according to the proposal. In other words, the larger and more successful a business, the more it will have to jump through racial quota hoops in order to continue meeting its water needs.

Plots of land up to 250,000 meters cubed (m3) are exempted from the proposal, while anything between 250,000 m3 and 500,000 m3 would need to have 25 percent of shares allocated to blacks.

From there, any land ranging in size between 500,000 m3 and 1,000,000 m3 would require 50 percent of its shares allocated to blacks. And any land about 1,000,000 m3 would need to have 75 percent of its shares allocated to blacks.

News about the racist proposal was shared all across Twitter, which is inexplicable since the social media giant claims to not allow racism to be spread there. Its excuse for allowing it this time is that the proposal has not yet been implemented, which somehow makes it okay.

“It’s twisted and disturbing to think you can somehow fix a ‘racist past’ by implementing idiocratic policies against a specific group of highly successful people just because of their race. When you reach that stage, it’s worth pausing and questioning whether you can still consider yourselves the ‘good guys’ in all of this.”

One can only imagine the outrage that would erupt were this proposal formatted in reverse. If the government of South Africa was pushing for there to be a white racial quota on water distribution, there would be rioting and looting in every major city everywhere.

Opposition party leader John Steenhuisen of the Democratic Alliance (DA) slammed the ANC’s racist proposal, stating that “it is now beyond all doubt that the ANC, led by Cyril Ramaphosa, is reintroducing racial discrimination across all sectors of society on a scale not seen since 1994.”

Others pointed out that the ANC proposal is paving the way for white genocide as it sets the stage for a black takeover of white-owned land in South Africa.

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