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Joe Biden Falsely Claims To Have Four Granddaughters, Ignoring Hunter’s Illegitimate Child

  President   Joe Biden   falsely stated he has four granddaughters on Friday, leaving off his fifth, 4-year-old Navy Joan Roberts, the ille...

 President Joe Biden falsely stated he has four granddaughters on Friday, leaving off his fifth, 4-year-old Navy Joan Roberts, the illegitimate daughter of Hunter Biden.

The president has repeatedly failed and refused to recognize Navy Joan as part of the Biden family, despite a court-ordered paternity test proving Hunter to be the child’s father in 2019. The latest lapse happened during comments the president made while hosting the 2023 Louisiana State University women’s national championship basketball team at the White House.

“The way in which women’s sports has come along is just incredible. And it’s not just in sports, it’s across the board in every single thing,” Biden said. “It’s really neat to see since I’ve got four granddaughters.”

Biden did not name his grandchildren on this occasion, but he has in the past left Navy Joan out of the Biden family lineup. During a “take your child to work day” event at the White House in April, Biden claimed and named six grandchildren, leaving off Navy Joan.

“The best part of it all, I have six grandchildren, and I’m crazy about them. I speak to them every single day,” Biden said. “Not a joke,” he added before going on to name six, never mentioning his 4-year-old grandchild living in Arkansas.

The erasure of Navy Joan extends through the White House, which has also refused to acknowledge the existence of the 4-year-old. During a press briefing earlier this month, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer questions about the president’s failure to acknowledge his seventh grandchild.

“I wanted to ask about the trial going on in Arkansas with Hunter Biden and the child support. Are the president and first lady monitoring that? And how come they haven’t acknowledged the seventh grandchild?” asked Daily Mail reporter Emily Goodwin at the time.


“I’m not going to speak to that from here,” answered Jean-Pierre.

Navy Joan lives in Arkansas with her mother, former stripper Lunden Roberts. Roberts is currently fighting with Hunter in court over child support payments that the Biden scion is trying to get reduced. Hunter is currently paying Roberts $20,000-a-month in child support, court documents show.

Roberts has accused Hunter of “playing games” in the court case by refusing to turn over documents detailing his financial situation while seeking to have his child support payments reduced.

“Mr. Biden does not want to disclose his income and assets, says that he is somewhat financially destitute, while he lives on a mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, has Secret Service protection, and enjoys his time abroad (which he has also lied about in discovery),” Roberts’ attorney Clinton Lancaster wrote in court papers last week.

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