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Veteran U.S. Air Marshal’s wife placed on ‘domestic terrorist’ list merely because she flew into D.C. on Jan. 6

  The FBI is so zealous in its efforts to arrest anyone even remotely connected to the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol Building that ...

 The FBI is so zealous in its efforts to arrest anyone even remotely connected to the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol Building that it’s placing innocent people on a “domestic terrorist” list.

That includes, apparently, the wife of a 20-year U.S. Air Marshal veteran simply because she flew into the nation’s capital.

Early last year, a wife and mother of two kids made travel arrangements to attend a family funeral in New York, which seems routine enough. However, it turned out to be anything but normal.

Her spouse, who shall be known as “Bill,” had served in the Federal Air Marshal Service for over two decades, and a few days before his wife’s departure, he discovered something shocking. While accessing his Federal Air Marshal Service Operations computer system, he noticed that his wife’s name was listed there, with the label “Domestic Terrorist” beneath it, UncoverDC reported earlier this week.

After the initial shock subsided, he immediately reported the matter to his supervisors and sought an explanation for how such a thing could happen. However, their response was rather cryptic: “You can’t tell her, and you have to let it work itself out.” “What does that mean?” he asked—he got the same response.

Bill eventually realized that his wife’s classification as a domestic terrorist implied that highly trained air marshals would trail her and their children’s every move at the airport and on the flight — recording their clothing choices, conversations, and documenting everything in an internal report. Moreover, he was responsible for assigning the air marshal teams to follow his wife during her trip to New York and back, the report noted further.

This revelation was startling for several reasons. For one, Bill’s wife had never faced any criminal charges or undergone questioning from law enforcement regarding terrorist activities. Secondly, Bill himself possessed a Top-Secret Security Clearance with the Federal Air Marshals, and now he was living with a supposed terrorist.

This discovery should have prompted an urgent investigation by the agency to determine what Bill and his TSA-designated terrorist wife were involved in. However, the agency seemed unfazed by the situation, the news site’s report continued.

Following his discussion with Air Marshal leadership, Bill went back to his job, which allowed him access to highly sensitive government databases. This detail alone implies that the designation given to his wife was erroneous. Why wasn’t the agency showing any concern? This situation precisely aligns with the criteria for an insider threat.

To add to the already troubling situation, the TSA documentation stated that Bill’s wife had participated in the breach of the United States Capitol building on January 6th, 2021. Bill was dumbfounded. While his wife had indeed been in Washington D.C. on that date, she was nowhere near the Capitol building, and she could prove it with her GPS records, Uber receipts, and hotel bills, which showed she was staying several miles away from the Capitol building.

In desperation, Bill reached out to the Air Marshal National Council (AMNC) seeking assistance. The AMNC acted swiftly, relaying Bill’s concerns to Congress.

Upon hearing Bill’s account, AMNC President Dave Londo and Executive Director Sonya Hightower-LaBosco were unfazed. They told Bill that a supervisor within the Air Marshal Incident Coordination Section had submitted to the FBI a list containing the names of all individuals who had flown in and out of Washington D.C. in the days preceding and following the Capitol incident that occurred on January 6th.

Regardless of whether the individuals had been in the vicinity of the Capitol, their names were added to the list. Londo and Hightower-LaBosco shared their conviction that the same supervisor had authorized the creation of this list, as it was the unit’s responsibility to create unique missions for the agency.

So, despite constitutional protections and Americans’ expectation of privacy when they have not committed any criminal activity, this air marshal vet’s wife is now under surveillance even though the government knows she isn’t a terrorist.

Any American who says taxpayers should continue to fund these rogue agencies without anyone who breaks laws or violates the Constitution being held accountable is part of the reason why these agencies continue to be rogue.

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