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NO MORE WHITE COATS FOR WHITES: Medical industry on cusp of adopting RACIST guidelines that systematically eliminate white medical professionals

    The medical industry, which is already suffering from   staggering rates of depression and suicide , is considering new Critical Race Th...

  The medical industry, which is already suffering from staggering rates of depression and suicide, is considering new Critical Race Theory (CRT) guidelines in order to “dismantle … white supremacy culture.”

An organization created by the U.S. Congress, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), has proposed racially-biased hiring criteria across the medical industry. This organization was originally created in 2000 as part of the Children’s Health Act “to raise the standard of care and increase access to services for children and families who experience or witness traumatic events.” Now the organization is looking to completely destroy medicine with racial quotas. Their 22-page document affirms CRT as a morally superior doctrine of “health equity” that should be applied across the entire medical industry.

Medical industry on the brink of persecuting white people throughout medicine

The absurd guidelines are titled: “Being Anti-Racists is Central to Trauma-Informed Care: Principles of an Anti-Racists.” These guidelines will be used to implement systemic racism in medicine, driving the WHITE race out of medicine, while indoctrinating medical professionals with false guilt for being born WHITE. The guidelines will enact racial preferences in the hiring process and re-educate white people to feel shame for their skin color and their ancestry. The document calls on all medical organizations “to dismantle the white supremacy culture that continues to uphold … racism.” Furthermore, medical institutions are instructed to “prioritize the hiring, development, promotion, and retention of people who are Black at all levels of the organization.”

The putrid document gets worse. “Systems and organizations must shift beyond performative action toward the fundamental transformation of becoming anti-racist and trauma-informed,” the document reads. This means that a successful white doctor who is loved by his patients, who has a great track record and performance can be replaced because race is more important than performative action.

Medical field may adopt institutional racism against whites

The NCTSN document correlates “white dominant culture” with longstanding research methods that include standardized nomenclature. “While it is standard in academic culture to provide a detailed description of research methods using standardized nomenclature, we assert that rigid adherence to these rules reflects an implicit commitment to sustaining white dominant culture,” the document reads.

“For any organization to become truly trauma-informed, it must work to dismantle racism along with the white supremacy culture that holds racism in place,” the NCTSN claims. In one section, the architects of CRT list the principles of an “anti-racist, trauma-informed organization.” These so-called principles include a commitment “to equity-based governance” and “power redistribution.” A principled medical organization is also urged to take “sustained steps to dismantle racism, white supremacy, and privilege in our structures, policies, procedures, practices, performance evaluations, and outcomes.” The document demands that anti-racist organizations “must engage in active reparations in their workforce development” by “unapologetically centering the hiring, promotion, and wellness of black staff.”

The document also suggests that racism in the medical field goes beyond alleged prejudice based on race. The document suggests that racism is embedded into all aspects of healthcare in “a system of structuring opportunity and assigning value based on phenotype (‘race’).” Through these false accusations and theories, the document actually threatens to implement a system of systemic racism (the very thing that they are claiming to eradicate.) Under the guise of eliminating so-called systemic racism against blacks, this organization is proposing to enforce a CRT system of systemic racism that denigrates white people and forces them out of the medical profession.

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