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Newsflash: Pope Still Catholic, Rejects Radical Gender Ideology

  Much to the chagrin of progressives everywhere on Friday, Pope Francis   reminded   the world that, yes, the pope is still Catholic as he ...

 Much to the chagrin of progressives everywhere on Friday, Pope Francis reminded the world that, yes, the pope is still Catholic as he soundly rejected radical gender theory and advocated the complimentary and divine differences between man and woman.

On Friday, The Daily Wire reported that the Vicar of Christ made his comments before the Hungarian government.

“This is the nefarious path of ‘ideological colonization,’ which eliminates differences, as in the case of so-called gender culture, or puts reductive concepts of freedom before the reality of life, for example, boasting as an achievement a senseless ‘right to abortion,’ which is always a tragic defeat,” the pope said.

He also encouraged Europe to pursue pro-family policies, as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has done, rather than enact laws and regulations that advance materialism.

“How much better it would be to build a Europe centered on the human person and on its peoples, with effective policies for natality and the family – policies that are pursued attentively in this country,” the pope proclaimed.

After previous meetings, Orban has said that Pope Francis praised his government’s policies — such as certain tax incentives that encourage the growth of families — and for his defense of the Catholic definition of marriage and family.

Pope Francis, Orban said, “sees that there are great forces at work, especially in Brussels … and he spoke as firmly as I have perhaps never been able to. He said that relativization of the family must not be allowed.”

The pope, contrary to the legacy media’s portrayal of him, firmly believes in Catholic teaching on gender roles as well as the barbarity of abortion.


Last month, Pope Francis said that sex-denialism and gender rejection procedures represented one of the most “dangerous” ideologies in the world today.

“Why is it dangerous?” he said in March. “Because it blurs differences and the value of men and women.”

“All humanity is the tension of differences. It is to grow through the tension of differences,” he explained. “The question of gender is diluting the differences and making the world the same, all dull, all alike, and that is contrary to the human vocation.”

Indeed, there are plenty of things the pope has done or said which might confuse the faithful — for example, his treatment of the Traditional Latin Mass — but as it relates to the topic of so-called “transgenderism,” he is an outspoken critic of no uncertain terms.

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