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Genetic and biological weaponry continues to be deployed across the food supply

  Now that human beings are learning to reject mRNA vaccine experiments and associated biological warfare, there is a new global agenda that...

 Now that human beings are learning to reject mRNA vaccine experiments and associated biological warfare, there is a new global agenda that seeks to inject animals with mRNA bioweapons and taint the food supply with genetic weaponry. Animals cannot give consent, so they are the perfect vessels to experiment on. Animals are also the perfect vessels to reach humans who no longer consent to this experimental genetic weaponry en masse.

Vaccines have been transfecting humans with animal viruses for decades

The history of vaccination has proven animal cells to be a great modality to transfect humans with cancer-causing viruses. For instance, between 1955 and 1963, hundreds of millions of people in North America, South America, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa received polio vaccines that were contaminated with SV40, a monkey virus. Early polio vaccines were produced by growing polio viruses in monkey cell cultures that were naturally contaminated with SV40. An estimated 10-30% of all polio vaccines are contaminated with this cancer-causing animal virus. Studies suggest that oncogenic PyV was introduced into the human population through contaminated polio vaccines. Vaccines for RSV, adenovirus and hepatitis A have also been shown to spread the SV40 virus. This oncogenic PyV is associated with malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM), bone, brain, lung, thyroid, pituitary, and urothelial tumors, pleomorphic adenomas of parotid glands, choroid plexus tumors, and ependymomas in children.

This sick, ghastly vaccine experimentation will continue to occur, albeit more directly through the food supply, and more efficiently using mRNA platforms designed for beef, swine and produce.

Even worse, new mRNA programs to “protect animal populations” could be subterfuge altogether – the perfect excuse to manipulate human DNA and prime humans for further population control. As human genetics are programmed through the food supply, their genetic and environmental vulnerabilities could be studied further, and new predatory vaccine campaigns, DNA harvesting diagnostics, and biological weapons could be formulated to exploit these engineered weaknesses.

US Cattlemen’s Association downplays the mRNA experiments in cattle

Instead of addressing the serious issues that mRNA experiments pose in the food supply and on human immune function, the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association is trying to downplay the impending threat. In response to increasing public concern over the use of mRNA in cattle, the Association made a public statement. “The USCA strongly supports truth in labeling on consumer goods and full transparency throughout the supply chain…Currently, there are no mRNA vaccines licensed for beef cattle in the U.S.”  The Association is currently forming a task force to fact check mRNA concerns and provide a “science-based assessment of the issue.”

“We invite all members of the beef supply chain to participate in these discussions and look forward to identifying ways through legislation, regulation, or voluntary measures to increase transparency in the development and application of livestock vaccines and other gene therapies,” the Association wrote.

The fact of the matter is that there is a concerted effort by the government, universities, and industry to license mRNA platforms in cattle, swine, and produce. It does not matter if there are “no mRNA vaccines licensed for beef cattle in the U.S” at the moment. The experimentation is currently underway, and licenses and emergency use authorization will soon follow. The Veterinary Microbiology and Preventive Medicine Department at Iowa State University is currently testing out an mRNA vaccine system on cows, with the stated goal of augmenting immunological protection in cows that are prone to RSV infection. Merck and Genvax are in a race to transfect pork with mRNA injections. What are the consequences of this? What if these experiments weaken the animals’ immune systems, an atrocity that is currently being witnessed in human populations?

Are there ulterior motives to manipulate humans through the food supply? This vaccine platform being launched at Iowa State University includes a prefusion F mRNA delivered continuously to the cows by a vaccine implant. The implant delivers preprogrammed mRNA into the cow’s cells, instructing the cells to produce a pathogenic protein antigen that the cow’s immune cells are trained to attack.

Missouri House bill 1169 is taking on this issue, imposing regulations on all products, “sold, distributed, or administered to a person that are designed to alter their genome.” The law refers to these mRNA experiments as “gene therapy” even though they have proven to be genetic weaponry that leads to immune failure and unpredictable cardiac arrest in humans. The law seeks to implement a regulatory framework for labeling these products, but the law does nothing to address the dire situation as it is. The mRNA experimentation cannot be allowed to continue in animals and should not be allowed to pollute the food supply in any way, shape, or form.

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