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ABC News Host Tells RFK Jr. He’s Too Critical of the CIA, Proceeds to Censor Him While Speaking About Vaccines

  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently sat down with   ABC News   host Linsey Davis to talk about his 2024 presidential run. At the beginning of h...

 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently sat down with ABC News host Linsey Davis to talk about his 2024 presidential run.

At the beginning of his ABC News appearance, Davis asked Kennedy, besides working as an environmental lawyer for three decades, “What do you feel qualifies you to have the highest position in the land?”

Kennedy responded, “I think I know more about how to fix regulatory agencies than any other politician in this country because I spent 40 years suing them.”

Davis asked, “How would you do that? You have been very critical of multiple government agencies from the CIA, EPA, DOT, CDC the FDA… How would you run those?”

RFK Jr. replied, “The problem is the people who rise to power in those agencies are usually the people who are in the tank with industry and are willing to carry water for industry.”


Later in the interview, Davis changed the topic to vaccines and stated Kennedy’s claims that some vaccines lead to autism has been “debunked.”

Kennedy asked, “Who debunked it?”

Davis stated,  “We have not seen any scientific connection from the CDC and the WHO.”

Robert Kennedy Jr. shot back, “Those organizations are captive agencies.”

To conclude the interview, Davis noted they censored Kennedy in some parts of the interview and said, “During our conversation Kennedy made false claims about the Covid-19 vaccines… We’ve used our editorial judgement and not including extended portions of that exchange in our interview.”


Watch the full interview here:

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