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Sunny Hostin Says She’s ‘Conflicted Over This Pandemic,’ Admits Teens Are ‘Having A Mental Health Crisis’ Now

 Sunny Hostin  of “The View” said on Tuesday that she’s “conflicted over this pandemic,” admitting that teens, including her own, were “havi...

 Sunny Hostin of “The View” said on Tuesday that she’s “conflicted over this pandemic,” admitting that teens, including her own, were “having a mental health crisis” after being locked away.

During “The View” on Tuesday, the co-hosts were discussing deaths related to the pandemic when Hostin said that — despite what people are saying — the pandemic isn’t over.

“I’m conflicted over this pandemic, which people say it’s totally over,” the ABC talk show host said. “But there are like 1,000 people dying from it still every day.”

“I’m a little nervous because teens are in a lot of trouble,” she added. “There’s a mental health crisis. I’ve seen it in my children.”

“They’re in trouble now because they don’t know how to speak to each other and they were, you know, out of school and they were home-bound,” Hostin continued.


Fox News Contributor Dr. Nicole Saphier retweeted the clip of Hostin making the death claim and accused the ABC daytime show of pushing misinformation.

“Where is the misinformation police when it comes to The View spreading false data?” Saphier tweeted. “The CDC tracker shows an average of 250 daily deaths now, a number which is known to be inflated 20-40% by overcounting deaths attributed to COVID.”

During the last three years, Hostin has been a strong advocate of vaccines, masks, and even school lockdowns forcing kids to stay at home for remote learning.

In April 2022, the co-host said that governments needed to enact “mask mandates” because “people just aren’t great people,” as previously reported.

In January 2022, Hostin joined with her co-hosts in defending Chicago teachers who didn’t want to return to the classroom due to the pandemic, Fox News noted.

“Our teachers are underpaid, they’re overworked, they have a right to be safe in their work environment,” Hostin said. “A thousand kids have died from COVID. My understanding is that at least 7.8 million children have caught COVID since the pandemic started. Thousands of children have been orphaned because of COVID.”

“The notion that, you know, teachers should just suck it up and go to work, I think it’s ridiculous,” she added. “Yes, I totally understand that remote learning is very difficult for our children. … What if our teachers get sick and then bring it home to someone that they’re living with, their parents perhaps. … I think they’re doing the right thing.”

A year before, Hostin said it was fine to “shun” people who refused to get the COVID vaccine as she voiced her support for vaccine passports.

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