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Oregon Democrats Seek to Create Sanctuary State for Kids to Get Abortions and Sex Changes Without Parental Consent

  Democrat lawmakers in Oregon are working to create a sanctuary state for minors to get abortions or sex changes without parental consent. ...


Democrat lawmakers in Oregon are working to create a sanctuary state for minors to get abortions or sex changes without parental consent.

The measure, The Reproductive Health and Access to Care Act, would allow “any person without regard to the age” to get abortions or sex change surgeries, including those that will sterilize them, without their parent’s knowledge or permission.

The changes would also deem facial reconstruction surgery and hair removal as “medically necessary” — requiring insurance companies to cover it.

“Someone I know and love, someone you know and love, may need an abortion or gender-affirming care someday,” Democratic House Speaker Dan Rayfield said of the measure, according to a report from the Associated Press. “People should have the right to make their own decisions on their own health care with medical professionals, without fear of harm.”

The lead sponsor of the bill, Democratic state Sen. Kate Lieber, implied during the hearing about the measure that it will help to prevent teen suicide.

“LGBTQ youth in particular have a very high rate of suicide,” she testified. “It is really important to listen to the children who are telling us what they’re feeling and how they are being in this world.”

The report explains that in addition to allowing minors to obtain life and body-altering procedures, it will “shield providers and patients from criminal and civil liability as states have moved to outlaw abortion following the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade last year. It would also allow a person to bring a civil action in court against a public body for interfering with their reproductive health rights.”

“The bill would also prohibit medical licensing boards from suspending, revoking or refusing to grant a license to a provider because of a conviction or disciplinary action for providing reproductive or gender-affirming health care in states where that care is restricted,” the report added.

Republican state Rep. Emily McIntire testified that “one of the most beautiful relationships in the universe is a parent to a child” and that “this bill goes to the very core of a family unit.”

The Washington Free Beacon reports that a detransitioner named Frank Smith “told lawmakers he agreed to genital surgery and breast implants while addicted to meth and has had to navigate his way to detransitioning on his own since the therapists he went to for help told him his remaining male characteristics caused his post-transition unhappiness. When he decided to remove the breast implants, Medicaid would not pay for the procedure so he had to save up on his own.”

“I could not afford complete anesthesia and they operated on me while I was awake with only a little numbing cream,” Smith said, explaining that he learned too late that he cannot reconstruct his former body if he changed his mind. “My muscles had been ripped off the bone in haste to fabricate female anatomy on a male chest. There is no reattaching them.”

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