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Mother Shares 13-Year-Old Daughter’s Disturbing Classroom Activity “Hunter, Bear, Hooker” (VIDEO)

  Laura Maria Gruber on Fox & Friends   A Texas mother, Laura Maria Gruber, is speaking out about a bizarre and troubling classroom acti...


Laura Maria Gruber on Fox & Friends 

A Texas mother, Laura Maria Gruber, is speaking out about a bizarre and troubling classroom activity her 13-year-old daughter was subjected to.

Her daughter’s class played a game called “Bear-Hooker-Hunter,” an adult drinking game, which had the children striking poses as either a hunter, a scary bear or a “seducing hooker.”

Gruber recounts that the game was held in two different classrooms by two different teachers.

The New York Post reports:

“I picked my daughter and her best friend up from school and my daughter said ‘We played this game at school, Mom, and you’re going to be upset,’” Gruber told The Post Saturday from her home in San Antonio.

“When she told me about kids getting up in class and posing as hookers, I almost crashed the car.”

The September incident was so disturbing, Gruber said, she pulled her daughter from the school and demanded an apology from administrators.


As part of the game, Gruber said her daughter and the other seventh graders in the Social Emotional Learning class at KIPP Poder Academy had to pair up and stand in the front of the room.

The kids were then told to strike poses — either as a hunter, pointing an imaginary gun at each other; as a scary bear with its paws up, or as a “seducing hooker,” with a hand on one hip and another behind their ear, the distraught mom said.

The goal of the game was unclear other than being some sort of “team building” exercise, said Gruber, who felt the game sexualized the children.

Her daughter declined to play the game, Gruber said.

The boys and girls were organized from youngest to oldest, with some allegedly bribed with candy to get them to play along, the daughter told the mom.

Gruber joined Fox & Friends to discuss the incident.

In a letter to school families, School Principal Stephanie Lee, Deputy Superintendent Jeremy Gray, Regional Superintendent Allen Smith and KIPP Texas CEO Sehba Ali all denied that the game sexualized children.

“I’m writing today to share an incident that occurred this school year that did not meet our bar of excellence.In September, one of our 7th-grade teachers had extra time in her advisory and played a game with studentscalled “Bear, Hunter, Hooker.” This game is similar to rock, paper, scissors in that students select one of three options, act out a specific action related to the option, and one option wins. This game was not part of any KIPP curriculum, and it was not appropriate for students. Any activities with actions or words like “hooker” or “seduce” should never have a place in our schools. While the intent was never to sexualize a child, I recognizethat the impact may have caused students to feel uncomfortable or traumatized. That does not honor therespect we aim to teach our students at all times; in truth, it is degrading. After learning about this incident, we immediately addressed the matter with the teacher, who acknowledged and understood the concern and deeply regretted playing this game. In addition to our annual training for all staff, we have also scheduled an additional full-staff training for all our teachers on appropriate and inappropriate behaviors with students to ensure that nothing like this happens again.”

Read the full letter below.

KIPP Poder Families Letter by New York Post

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