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Justice? Anthony Fauci could be indicted on multiple accounts of NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE

    Dr. Anthony Fauci oversaw the funding of coronavirus gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, and bragged ...

  Dr. Anthony Fauci oversaw the funding of coronavirus gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, and bragged about working with the Chinese scientists there. He has infamously argued that conducting such experiments on contagious viruses and increasing their potency was worth the risk, even if the research could accidentally lead to a pandemic. So, with the help of his colleague Peter Daszak at EcoHealth Alliance, Fauci helped subvert the ban on gain-of-function research, offshoring it to China.

Fauci then tried to cover up his illegal and unethical gain-of-function research programs by prompting leading scientists to debunk any inquiry into the lab leak as “conspiracy theory.” Fauci prompted the scientists to publish the paper, “The Proximal Originals of SARS-CoV-2” in February of 2020, with the intent to suppress inquiry into the lab leak theory and shame any scientist who investigated the laboratory origins of SARS-CoV-2. Even the former CDC Director, Robert Redfield said that Fauci and Collins froze him out of discussion on the origins of SARS-CoV-2. When confronted by Senator Rand Paul, Fauci went before Congress and lied about his involvement in this coronavirus gain-of-function research and tried to obscure the definition of gain-of-function research.

Fauci must face involuntary manslaughter charges

After the covid-19 vaccines were forced into existence and coerced into the global population, the worldwide death toll for covid-19 continues to climb; it currently sits at 1.13 million. Fauci bears great responsibility for the failure of the predatory mRNA vaccines he pushed out, mandated, and cashed in on through the gain-of-function research and suppression of efficacious treatments. He bears great responsibility for the human rights violations that ensued from his mandates and censorship, and for the covid-19 death toll itself. Fauci’s gain-of-function gambit is at the heart of all these travesties and the wrongful death. For these reasons, Anthony Fauci could be indicted on multiple accounts of negligent homicide/involuntary manslaughter.

Criminal defense attorney Steven Rodriquez explains:

“Criminal negligent homicide (more commonly referred to as “Involuntary Manslaughter” and also referred to as “Negligent Homicide”) is a crime of causing another’s death through criminal negligence. Criminal negligence involves more than ordinary carelessness, inattention or mistake in judgment.”

A person acts with criminal negligence when:

  • He or she acts in a reckless way that creates a high risk of death or great bodily injury; and
  • A reasonable person would have known that acting in that way would create such a risk

“In other words, a person acts with criminal negligence when his or her behavior is a gross deviation from the standard of care that a reasonable person would exercise in the same or similar situation. For example, if a driver kills a pedestrian while speeding through a residential area and blowing stop signs, he could be charged with criminal negligent homicide,” he iterated.

Fauci played leading role in the many covid crimes against humanity

Fauci used psychological terrorism to achieve his goals and to capitalize on the predatory vaccine program that was unleashed prior to the declaration and quantification of the pandemic. Government officials like Anthony Fauci made sweeping, society-wide diagnoses that came with broad consequences, various medical errors, and far-reaching adverse effects. These officials took full control over entire sects of society, threatening the individual’s conscious, their consent, and body autonomy rights. Fauci did not provide adequate informed consent for any of his decrees, and he even conspired to eliminate informed consent by controlling important information through the large social media companies.

Government officials like Fauci made broad prescriptions for a problem they never clearly defined or ever had control of in the first place. Then, they forced their prescriptions onto the public and coerced a large part of the population to take part in medical experiments. When government officials took control over people’s lives, and subverted informed consent, they automatically assumed responsibility for the consequences of their hasty diagnoses, prescriptions and experiments.

Fauci was the one who ordered school closures and then later lied that he ever called for school closures. This is the man who forced fraudulent diagnostic tests on the population and used the collective results of these test to control the medical system and private industry with lockdowns and irrational quarantines. This is the man, whose predatory mRNA vaccine mandates, destroyed countless lives and livelihoods. His mandated protocols, suppression of efficacious treatments and dismissal of natural immunity, paved the way for hundreds of thousands of needless covid-19 deaths. All the individuals who missed medical procedures and screening, who were separated from family and forced on Remdesivir and ventilation, or who spiraled into alcohol and drug abuse were victims of Fauci’s criminal lockdown, isolation, and quarantine orders.

To make matters worse for Fauci, the 2021 and 2022 global excess mortality statistics go beyond covid-19 and is an even greater problem than the pandemic deaths that resulted from gain-of-function research, lockdowns, and ineffective, mandated protocols. While far from being the only one responsible, Fauci bears great responsibility for all the excess mortality in the post-covid-19 vaccine era, including all the harms of his mandates, his censorship, and coercive gain-of-function experiments.

All of these atrocities are far from over. Serious accountability must ensue — for Anthony Fauci, Francis Collins, Peter Daszak, and all offenders involved.

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