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Joe Rogan: Biden Is ‘Mentally Gone,’ America Is Run By ‘F***ing Sideshow Of Diversity’ Admin

  Popular podcast host   Joe Rogan   doubled down on his previous claim that President Joe Biden was “ mentally gone ,” saying that American...

 Popular podcast host Joe Rogan doubled down on his previous claim that President Joe Biden was “mentally gone,” saying that Americans were being governed instead by the “f***ing sideshow of diversity” that was Biden’s administration.

Rogan made the comments on Thursday’s episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” during a discussion with actor Russell Brand about what could happen if and when Biden decided to run for re-election in 2024.

Referencing his previous comments on the subject, Rogan told Brand, “I was actually talking about it with Eric Weinstein and he was like, ‘I mean, I can’t vote for Biden.’ And he goes, ‘I can’t vote for Trump.’ And I go, ‘I would vote for Trump before I’d vote for Biden.’ Just cause I think with Biden, like he’s gone!”

“Like, you know, he’s gone. You’re gonna be relying on his cabinet,” Rogan continued. “And I knew his cabinet would be this f***ing sideshow of diversity — which is exactly what it is.”


Rogan went on to use disgraced former Biden administration official Sam Brinton — who faces felony charges for alleged luggage thefts in multiple airports — arguing that the “non-binary” ex-deputy assistant secretary at the Office of Nuclear Energy was a “diversity hire.”

“That one person who stole all the women’s clothes. That Sam Brinton — that’s a diversity hire,” the podcast host explained. “You just said, ‘Oh, look at this. A man who dresses like a woman and has a beard and a mustache, but also wears lipstick. This is perfect for us. I don’t give a f*** what this guy’s good at or bad at. I don’t give a f*** what their credentials are. This makes us look like we’re inclusive. This makes us look like we’re on the right side, so let’s hire this person.'”

“You can’t have those kinds of people running a Ben & Jerry’s — you certainly can’t have those kinds of people running the f***ing most powerful government the world’s ever known. It’s nuts. It’s nonsense,” Rogan concluded.

Brand went on to argue that perhaps Biden was president because he was the “perfect” representation of American society — “He’s like the perfect metaphor of what it is. This system is over. And for all of the talk of diversity, what have you got? You’ve got a career politician, white male that’s falling apart before your very eyes. It’s telling you that it’s bulls***.”

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