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    Prior to its implosion, Signature Bank of New York was busy   indoctrinating its employees   into the world of LGBT pronouns like “ze” a...

  Prior to its implosion, Signature Bank of New York was busy indoctrinating its employees into the world of LGBT pronouns like “ze” and “hir,” it has been revealed.

Chairman Scott Shay co-hosted a company event just last fall called “Know Your Pronouns” in which lower-level employees were browbeaten into adopting the use of made-up gender pronouns that affirm the delusions of the mentally ill – instead of learning how to properly run a bank so it avoids a collapse.

Video footage of the seminar, which up until today was publicly available on the Signature Bank YouTube page before it was taken private, depicted employees dressed up in tar-and-feather costumes dancing around to “woke” tunes and lyrics, presumably inspired by Shay and his ilk.

Along with Finn Brigham, a Manhattan-based corporate consulate on gender issues, Shay forced Signature Bank employees to participate in a so-called “Social Impact” series that proudly featured as its header the claim that Signature Bank was “the first bank in the United States to have an openly gay man on our board.”

That header, ironically enough, referenced former Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who sat on Signature Bank’s board after co-sponsoring legislation to regulate banks following the 2008 financial crisis.

Brigham, by the way, was presented as a “genderqueer trans masculine person” during the symposium, according to the New York Post.


Did Signature Bank, at any point, train its employees in actual banking as opposed to LGBT perversion?

At one point in the now-private video, Brigham went through a list of pronouns that included the following: she, hers, he, his, they, them, ze, and hir. The most common, Brigham clarified, are she and he – but at Signature Bank, there were apparently a higher-than-normal percentage of customers using made-up pronouns.

“The most common pronouns folks are familiar with are ‘she’ and ‘he,'” Brigham explained. “I don’t know if there’s anyone in the Signature Bank world, but probably you have clients that use ‘they’ / ‘them’ as pronouns. They’re gender-neutral pronouns on purpose.”

“‘Ze’ is another gender-neutral pronoun,” Brigham went on to state. “The other part of that would be ‘hir’ – spelled H-I-R.”

The stated purpose of Signature Bank’s Social Impact symposium was to promote “sustainability, diversity, equity, inclusion, community engagement, employee development, employee health and safety, and any other environmental, social, or governance-related initiatives,” the company indicated.

One wonders how often Signature Bank held seminars on, you know, actual banking stuff. Did the average employee at the bank know how to count, we wonder? Was there any governing oversight over actual financial matters? Or was it all centered around promoting bizarre sexual fetishes and dancing around in social media videos, much like the “dancing nurses” did during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) scamdemic?”

“I think these banks were highly leveraged on continuous COVID vaccines, and the profits dissolved on them once the people realized the shots were killing and maiming them,” one of our readers commented, making an interesting observation about the possible true cause behind the Operation Warp Speed circus.

“Now these banks are going belly up and rightfully so.”

Another asked why businesses these days seem to have so much trouble just doing their business rather than trying to promote some special interest cause like gender pronouns.

“I’m looking for a bank that does banking; a grocery store that sells groceries; a department store that sells merchandise,” this person added. “Quit being ‘woke’ and just do the business that you’re supposed to be in. Maybe then you will make a profit. Stay focused on your damn business.”

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